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Yahoo is getting a new logo

Under CEO Marissa Mayer, Yahoo might still be trying to shed its image as a relic of the 1990s Internet era. But hey, it's getting a new logo!

Bitcassa: Infinite storage for $100, but there's a catch

There is no shortage of places to store your stuff online. But when startup Bitcasa promised "infinite" storage space for $100 a year, more than a few heads turned.

Mars rover Curiosity celebrates 1 year on Red Planet

One of the first photos it sent home showed a self-portrait of its shadow.

Is Twitter seen as misogynists' 'golden ticket?'

In an episode of the cartoon television series South Park -- "Le Petit Tourette" -- one of its characters, Cartman, overhears a child with Tourette's syndrome swearing.

Social media howls after errant 't' spells loss for 12 year old on Jeopardy

Social media is howling after last week's perceived slight of eighth grader Thomas Hurley III and his misspelling of "Emancipation" during Kids Week on "jeopardy!"

When one image is worth a thousand tweets

Meet the future. Her name is Maya Shaoolian. She is 2 years old.

Your TV might be watching you

Today's high-end televisions are almost all equipped with "smart" PC-like features, including Internet connectivity, apps, microphones and cameras.

'Smart homes' are vulnerable, say hackers

Hacking into a $6,000 Japanese "smart" toilet and taking control of the bidet is a neat trick or a mean prank, but it's not the type of security issue most people will ever have to worry about.

SIM card hack inspires quick fix by carriers

Major wireless carriers have fixed a bug that could have allowed criminals to hack into hundreds of millions of cell phones, says a security expert who exposed the flaw.

Nexus 7 is the best Android tablet money can buy (and it's only $230)

Google's new Nexus 7 tablet isn't just the best small Android tablet you can buy. It's the best Android tablet, period.

Study: Over a third of Americans confess to verbal or physical abuse of their computers

New research released by memory upgrade provider reveals interesting insight into how Americans are choosing to vent their frustrations when confronted with computer problems.

Obama administration overturns ban on some Apple products

A ban on the sale of some Apple products - including iPhones and iPads - will not go into effect after President Barack Obama's administration stepped in Saturday, a day before the prohibition was to go into effect.

Dell raises takeover offer again

 Michael Dell and private equity firm Silver Lake sweetened their offer for Dell, increasing their takeover price to $13.75 per share and adding a special dividend of 13 cents a share.

Apple's proposed punishment: Amazon gets its iPad bookstore back

After a federal court ruled last month that Apple conspired to raise the prices of e-books, the U.S.

Google's Moto X smartphone: Big ideas, modest execution

Google's new Moto X smartphone doesn't aim to be the fastest, biggest, or prettiest smartphone. It wants to be the smartest.