Tech Corner

Snapchat tries to shed naughty reputation

Snapchat is trying to get away from its reputation as a service for randy sexting teens and secretive philanderers.

Is Apple's new iPhone iOS 7 good for travelers?

Apple has called it the biggest change to the iPhone since the very first one launched in 2007, but does the latest software, iOS 7, make the iPhone a more compelling buy for travelers than its Android- and Windows-powered competitors?

Apple unveils two new iPhones - the 5S and 5C

For the first time ever, Apple unveiled two new iPhones on Tuesday, a traditional upgrade of its iPhone 5 as well as a simpler, cheaper version.

How Samsung Galaxy Gear stacks up to other smartwatches

It's tricky business comparing the handful of smartwatches that been publicly unveiled so far -- an early wave in the growing flood of wearable tech products.

Dr. Seuss goes digital

Books? Who needs books? Not Dr. Seuss.

FTC cracks down on hacked video camera maker

The Federal Trade Commission has cracked down on web-connected video camera company TRENDnet after hackers demonstrated security flaws that called users' privacy into question.

LSU baseball Twitter following increases to over 50,000

The LSU baseball program increased its number of Twitter fans to over 50,000 on Thursday as the Tigers are the most-followed team in college baseball. LSU also has nearly 270,000 Facebook fans.

New Facebook flap: Your face in some product's ad

A proposed Facebook policy that would allow your picture to be used in a product or store's ad on the social media site without your knowledge has privacy groups united in opposition.

New version of Android sweetened by KitKat

Google has surprised the tech world by announcing that the next version of Android, its mobile operating system, will be named KitKat -- in honor of the candy bar developers munched on while they were creating it.

City of Baton Rouge unveils new website

There's a new way to use the website for the City of Baton Rouge. Now, you can check out videos, meetings, and community events all in one place.

Gamers shrug at Nintendo 2DS console

Announcement of a Nintendo 2DS handheld console is causing a collective "eh" among fans of the pioneering gaming company.

Five ways Nokia helped create the modern cell phone

With its purchase of Nokia's mobile phone business, Microsoft has brought a longtime partner into the fold to help fight a battle that has been tough for both companies.

Space archaeologist unlocks secrets of ancient civilizations

In Egypt's northern Delta, Sarah Parcak is on the hunt to unearth ancient settlements, pyramids and tombs lost in the sands of time.

How teens, parents struggle to share social media

Carly and her mom are friends on Facebook, but that doesn't mean they share everything.

Technology makes it easier to watch anything, everything on TV or wireless device

There are a lot of new ways to watch what used to simply be known as "television".