Tech Corner

Hits and misses of the Steve Ballmer era at Microsoft

Poor Steve Ballmer. The burly Microsoft CEO, who announced Friday that he will retire next year, has been the victim of some unfortunate timing.

Sound intuition: This technology will turn your movements into music

For Pieter-Jan Pieters, revenge has been both sweet and sonorous.

Five ways Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg wields his clout

Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg burst into the public's consciousness as the awkward, hoodie-wearing Harvard kid who cooked up a website in his dorm room and went on to earn billions from it.

Selling your old iPhone? Do it now

That old iPhone sitting in the bottom of your sock drawer could be worth $300 -- but only if you act now.

Florida university fraternity suspended over Facebook posts

References to drugs, comments about hazing and pictures of semi-nude women taken from posts on a closed Facebook page have prompted the suspension of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity on Florida International University's Miami campus.

TiVo romances TV viewers with Roamio DVR

O Roamio, Roamio, wherefore art thou Roamio? The answer, hopes TiVo, is next to your TV.

Why the next iPhone might come in gold

There's no shortage of promising features expected in the next iPhone: A brand-new iOS 7 operating system, a better camera and processor, and possibly even a fingerprint sensor for added security.

Report: NSA can see 75 percent of U.S. Web messages

The National Security Agency has built a network that can access as much as 75 percent of all U.S. Web traffic -- a larger amount than has been publicly announced -- according to a new report.

New Google Maps can help you avoid traffic

Mapping apps on phones have already replaced dedicated navigation devices for many drivers trying to find unfamiliar addresses. Now, Google Maps will notify drivers about more traffic jams as well.

Zuckerberg's Facebook page hacked to prove security flaw

He tried to warn them. A Palestinian researcher posted a message on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's page last week after he says the site's security team didn't take his warnings about a security flaw seriously.

Study: Using Facebook can make you sad

When you click "Like" on your friends' Facebook posts, do you really mean it?

Facebook testing one-click checkout for mobile shopping

Add Facebook to the large list of companies hoping to crack the mobile payments nut.

Microsoft's 45-inch touchscreen costs $150

Microsoft has a vision for a world in which every surface is a Windows touchscreen. That became a whole lot closer to reality this week.

Your photos could reveal more than you might think: how to keep your info safe

Did you have any idea people could track the photos you post online and find you? Well it turns out that some of the photos you take with your cell phone can pinpoint your exact location.

New dangerous technology poses threat when uploading photos from your smartphone

Who thought posting pictures of your child's birthday party online from your smartphone would pose a potential threat to your family?