Tech Corner

5 ways to make your Wi-Fi faster

Tired of slow Wi-Fi? Fear not: Faster Wi-Fi speeds are possible, if you're willing to work (and pay) for them. The good news is that many broadband companies are doing their part.

Microsoft says goodbye to Clip Art

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Before the days of search engines, placing images into Word documents went like this: Insert > Picture > Clip Art.

NASA eyeing Mars after successful Orion test flight

NASA is back in the space race. The Orion rocket blasted off from Kennedy Space Center just after sunrise Friday for it's first test flight.

Social media websites test ‘buy’ button

The "Like" button on Facebook and the "Follow" button on Twitter have some company. The social media titans are test driving "Buy" buttons.

BlackBerry willing to purchase your iPhone for $550

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- BlackBerry wants your iPhone, and will pay for it.

10 signs you might be addicted to your smartphone

(CNN) -- They say the first step to overcoming a problem is realizing you have one in the first place.

The way we bank will soon change completely

(CNN) -- The checkbook is dead. While we're at it, let's write an obit for card readers too.

New app scans over 5000 online retailers for best deals

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Shopping for holiday gifts usually goes something like this: Check to see if the same item is cheaper on Amazon. Buy the better deal.

New device could allow parents to listen-in while away from home

(CNN) -- For Airbnb hosts who want to keep tabs on their homes, a full home security system might be overkill. They're expensive, and live cameras and motion detectors invade guests' privacy.

This bus runs on human poop

The A4 bus service from Bristol to Bath in the United Kingdom might as well be called "the number two." It runs on human poop and food waste.

Comcast will allow customers to track technicians

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Comcast, a company known and reviled for its customer service horror stories, is trying out a new app that will allow customers to track and rate its technicians.

New app allow computers to detect government spies

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Are you concerned that the government is spying on you? A consortium of human rights activists claim a new app called Detekt will alert you if the feds are watching.

Lake Charles surgeon uses new 'Firefly' system to view internal organs

Surgeons can now see below the surface of human tissue with a new imaging method using an injectable fluorescent dye during robot-assisted surgeries.

5 types of people you should 'unfriend' on social media

We all have them: Old classmates, distant relatives or obnoxious co-workers, filling our social feeds with posts about people we don't know or barely remember. Jimmy Kimmel would like us to let them go.

3D Printing: the new 'Made in America'

It all started with a couple of guys, an office space, and a machine so can give it a design and have the finished product printed out in just a matter of hours.