Bill Nye the Science Guy is back to answer questions on Facebook App

Bill Nye the Science Guy is back to answer questions on Facebook App
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011 - 12:12pm

There are thousands of science questions that still go unanswered, so Bill Nye the Science Guy, Toshiba and The Planetary Society are pleased to announce the launch of Bill Nye: Consider the Following on Toshiba Vision video series.

The video series is a unique educational initiative created to promote the fun aspects of science and in the process answer some of science's greatest mysteries on the big stage in New York's Time Square.

Facebook visitors may submit questions starting November 16 at the Toshiba Innovation Facebook Page. The most popular questions will be answered by Bill, with his signature visual flair, and showcased on the Toshiba Vision screen in Times Square and on Facebook.

The first video is scheduled to debut on December 7th and the series will run with new installments weekly into the New Year.

For his Toshiba Vision series, Bill will re-create the popular Consider the Following segment from his Emmy Award winning educational series, Bill Nye the Science Guy. After initial submissions, visitors will vote on their favorites and the top questions will be answered by Bill Nye. An abridged version will appear at the “crossroads of the world” in Times Square, while anyone around the world can watch extended versions of the videos each week on the Toshiba Innovation Facebook page.

Toshiba’s Eddie Temistokle, Senior Corporate Communications Manager, “Ever since we launched Toshiba Vision in Times Square in 2008, we have looked for innovative content to fill the screen. We’re especially pleased that this program not only utilizes the Times Square screen so effectively, but ties in with the online community we are fostering through our expanding Toshiba Innovation Facebook page. This allows everyone, no matter where they live, to share in Toshiba’s commitment to promote the wonders of science and innovation. And who better than Bill Nye to partner with to help spark people’s interest in Science?”

Bill Nye the Science Guy, Executive Director of The Planetary Society, noted: “One of the things I have always loved about science is that with every new answer, there are always many more questions. The beauty and joy of science is in the constant search for understanding. With Consider the Following On Toshiba Vision, I’m looking forward to really having a dialogue with everyday people curious about the world around them.

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