Swimming safety: Local swim instructors give tips to keep you safe this summer

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POSTED: Thursday, June 12, 2014 - 2:47pm

UPDATED: Friday, June 13, 2014 - 5:00pm

It's almost summer time and a lot of you are already hitting the pools, but remember to be careful. Drowning deaths happen more often than we realize, but officials say knowing how to swim could help prevent this.

"Right now, most people in the South are around the beach, the lakes, the pools, all time," said Bekah Myers, lessons director at Crawfish Aquatics.

But "fun in the sun" can turn deadly.

"It's a very scary thing, and it happens so much more frequently than we realize," Myers said.

Ten people in the U.S. die from drowning accidents every day according to the Center for Disease Contol, and more than 200 kids die every year.

"It's discouraging to hear those stories, and we just hate hearing that those things happen," Myers said. "We want to do every thing we can to bring people in and give them swim lessons."

That's what Bekah Myers does at Crawfish Aquatics.

"So, we really want people to be aware of how to be safe in and around the water, children and adults," Myers said.

Myers urges parents to teach their kids some basic lessons like never go swimming alone and when to call for help.

"The last thing we always want to teach them is if they fall into a pool to turn around and grab the sides, so they focus," Myers said. "We work on that just dropping them in and having them turn around and get the sides."

Crawfish Aquatics teaches hundreds of kids in our area how to swim and what to do if something bad happens. Parents said this is vital because accidents can happen anywhere.

"I wanted them to be comfortable and safe in the water. We have several children, and I want to be able to take them to a place and not worry about them drowning. I want them to be confident," said Rebecca Campbell.

"We love to spend our summers at the beach, and I want to be confident, if something were to happen that they could help to save themselves if I can't get to them quick enough," said Shavon Olivier.

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