Students get a lesson in distracted driving

Wednesday, April 6, 2011 - 5:37pm

Distracted driving is a problem for teens, which is why the students at Denham High School got a first-hand lesson today.

The students got to experience what it's like to drive with distractions. Sponsored by the Ford group, the day of lessons tested four different skills.

The students even got to drive with goggles that allowed them to see how hard it is to drive while drunk.

The purpose is to reduce car accidents among teens, which is the leading cause of death for that age group; based on today's class, the lessons are hitting home.

"I learned how to correct myself if i get caught in a drift and the proper ways to sit in a vehicle so you can be ready for an accident at any second," said Trent Waldrip, a student.

Teen Haley McKey said, “I learned how it’s not good to text and drive, and it's a good thing that I don't text and drive."

"Considering the fact that it's the number one cause of death among teens, and considering the fact that we are reaching kids here, I think it's extremely important," added Mike Speck, lead driving instructor.

The Ford group has devoted over $1,000,000 this year to the program. They're holding the classes at 30 different schools in 15 different states.

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