Southern University hopes washed out road gets finished by start of fall semester

Southern University hopes washed out road gets finished by start of fall semester
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POSTED: Wednesday, July 16, 2014 - 5:12pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, July 16, 2014 - 5:19pm

One of the most important roads on Southern University's campus is wiped out. It'll take a lot of money.

Since Southern doesn't have the money, officials asked the state to pick up the tab. The Governor's Office agreed to help with $300,000 worth of repairs, and work has already started. In the meantime, students have to find a different route.

"That's my connection to go to and from class," said Nick Harris.

Harris was using E.C. Harrison Drive to get from his dorm room to class. Now it's closed. He and others have to find a different way to get to and from class. What used to be an easy walk has turned into a trek or a drive.

"Southern University is basically, in that area, a drain area for the Scolandville area and also for the campus, and over time, it just wore out, and it just washed out," said Ed Pratt, director of Media Relations at Southern University.

The biggest problem is the price tag. Southern can't write a check, and they have asked the state to pay. They just got their answer and work to fix the road has already started.

Right now, university officials are working with the Army Corps of Engineers and some state agencies. Many roads at Southern are one-way streets, and they're hoping making them into two-way streets will help get traffic moving, especially once the fall semester starts next month.

"But now, you can still go back to the other end of the campus, but it's another route to get back there right now," Pratt explained.

Harris is looking forward to more options especially since his main route is shut down.

"I'm happy that they have an alternate plan that was convenient to the students seeing that they had the closure of the bridge in the back, but it's convenient for the students and myself," Harris said.

Pratt said the road should be usable by the start of the school year.

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