Some tips from local tax professionals before you file this season

Some tips from local tax professionals before you file this season
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POSTED: Thursday, February 20, 2014 - 7:30pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 20, 2014 - 7:34pm

Tax season is officially underway, so that means its time to file. There was a slight delay again this year because of the government shutdown this year. Local tax professionals have some tips for you before filing this year.

“I usually wait until the last minute to file my taxes because I am usually behind sometimes but this year I decided to file a little bit early so I can get my refund," said Cherri Wells.

Some people like Wells file early for a reason.

"I have a big trip planned for the summer time to take the boys to Disney land so I am really excited."

But on the other hand some people like Mel Hidalgo file late.

"I like to file late so I have a refund and I can enjoy it when I am off work."

No matter your circumstances, it’s time to pay up or wait on that check.

“It’s important to file because it’s the law,” said Hidalgo.

The government's delay caused a back up but no need to worry; things are back on schedule, except for the state
“The state hasn’t even started giving their back yet and we have no way of getting in touch with them,” noted Hidalgo.

While we wait on Louisiana, you can still go ahead and file. Cherri Wells says her circumstances changed in 2013 along with many other people too.

“We had some life changes this year, we had another kid so now we have three boys and it did change a little bit for our taxes,” noted Wells.

“Different people have different things happen in their life and your tax return with reflect everything that you do all year long."

You’ll be surprised what was found in a recent study by H and R Block.

“One out of every five people that do their taxes themselves have missed something.”

Some things to remember include having necessary forms and state id. If you own a home you can use your mortgage, if you purchased a car, if you had medical expenses and even interest on student loans can all be deducted.

One thing often overlooked in Louisiana is daycare.

“If your child goes to daycare please don’t forget to bring your daycare paperwork; Louisiana has big credits in daycare," said Hidalgo.

With the Affordable Care Act taking effect, tax professionals are also reminding people to get their insurance by March 31st or your taxes will be affected come 2014.

Deadline to file 2013 taxes is April 15th.

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