Sex is 'Going Green'

POSTED: Thursday, November 12, 2009 - 11:25am

UPDATED: Thursday, June 3, 2010 - 11:59pm

Today's green movement seems to be making an impact everywhere. From recycling, to organic foods, to buying green. But what about in the bedroom?

If you're trying to turn up the heat without contributing to climate change, look no further than the "Good Vibrations" store in San Francisco. Dr. Carol Queen, the resident "sexologist" at "Good Vibrations" says the demand for green sex products is on the rise. "People come in and say it is possible that I will consume some of that lube depending on what we are doing over the weekend I want to make sure it's vegan", Dr. Queen said.

Shopper Camilla Lombard agrees there's a need for these products. "I'm a MUNI rider, I'm an organic food eater and I like my rechargeable vibes and my organic lube just as much", Lombard said. Vegan condoms, organic lubricant, soy based candles or, you can recharge your sex life with a hand crank vibrator.

"Instead of having batteries that you have to discard every so often, which is not the greenest choice", Dr. Queen said. Many parents choose not to give their children plastic toys that contain phthalates.

But, what about toys for mom and dad? Turns out a lot of adult toys are made with potentially toxic chemicals. So far, it's unclear what kind of effect these chemicals have on the human body. Because "Good Vibrations" advocates safe sex, they don't sell any products containing phthalates. "Because it isn't clear, we want to err on the safe side", Dr. Queen said. "Greening our sex life is part of greening our life entirely."