Senoia coffee shop owners open hearts to customer down on his luck

Senoia coffee shop owners open hearts to customer down on his luck
Thursday, January 2, 2014 - 10:54am

A Senoia coffee shop is closed for business this New Year's Day, but it's the hearts of the owners that are always open.

Senoia Coffee and Café, known for the TV series The Walking Dead, is now becoming popular for another reason. Its owners are being called a couple of good Samaritans for helping a customer down on his luck.

David and Suzanne Pengelly are used to celebrities coming into their shop, but when one of the locals stopped coming by, they started to worry.

"He hurt himself obviously, and blood was just kind of coming down his face," said Suzanne Pengelly.

A 67-year-old customer named Lonnie recently fell and hurt himself, so when he didn't show up at the café for his daily meal, she and her husband grew concerned.

"[It] is very unusual. Usually he's walking to town. We see him on Sunday walking to go eat," said Suzanne Pengelly.

The couple decided to go by his home to check on him. That's when they learned so much more was wrong. Lonnie couldn't get out of bed.

"He really needed assistance. He had no heat, no electric," said David Pengelly.

There wasn't even a working door on the home, so the couple stepped up and began taking him two meals a day.

They posted Lonnie's story on their Facebook page and others started helping too.

"It's unbelievable. It's overwhelming how many people have gotten involved and wanted to send donations to help," said Suzanne Pengelly.

There was so much help, the Pengellys created a Facebook page for Lonnie.

Other businesses have stepped in for a new door, roof and other fixes to Lonnie's home.

It's a story they hope can play out beyond their small community by encouraging others to do the same.

"I'm sure there are a lot of Lonnies walking around right now. Maybe we see them out on the streets, but they might be in their homes. And for one reason or another, people just neglect them or don't bother to stop and knock on the door to see how they are," said David Pengelly.

Lonnie is in a facility right now, getting some much-needed physical therapy for his leg. 

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