School closures, Thursday, Feb. 3

School closures, Thursday, Feb. 3

POSTED: Thursday, February 3, 2011 - 8:43am

UPDATED: Thursday, February 3, 2011 - 1:52pm

SCHOOL CLOSURES (NBC33) -- Below is a list of closures in the area for Thursday, Feb. 3 due to weather and bad driving conditions. Check back tomorrow for a possible list of closures on Friday, Feb. 4.

East Baton Rouge Parish 
  -Southern University: Main campus OPEN: Law School is CLOSED
    -Lecture by Reverend Al Sharpton has been moved to Feb. 16



  -Louisiana Technical College Capital Area Campuses: CLOSED

  -Louisiana Culinary Institute: CLOSED

  -Our Lady of the Lake College: CLOSED

  -Virginia College: Evening classes CANCELED  

  -EBR Public Schools: OPEN

  -Advance Baton Rouge Charter Schools: OPEN: All schools in Baton Rouge, including Dalton Elementary, Lanier Elementary, Glen Oaks Middle and Prescott Middle. After School Programs will be CANCELLED today for all Advance Baton Rouge Charter Schools in East Baton Rouge Parish due to the threat of winter weather in the Greater Baton Rouge Area.

  -Zachary: CLOSED

  -Central: CLOSED

Livingston Parish
  -Public Schools CLOSED

Ascension Parish
  -All schools CLOSED

Iberville Parish
  -All schools CLOSED

West Baton Rouge Parish
  -All schools CLOSED

Point Coupee Parish
  -All schools CLOSED

Tangipahoa Parish

  -Public Schools CLOSED

  -Southeastern Louisiana University: CLOSED (main campus and off-campus sites)

  -All schools CLOSED


  - River Parishes Community College CLOSED

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Tomorrow. EBRPPS should be close there is over 1,540 students in our public school this kids can't handle the cold wheater. There has been four kids fainted because of how bad the wheater is. If they come tomorrow it looks like it can be really bad. And the roads are frozed and they won't be able to get home the roads would be to slippery. I don't think they would walk home. Or stay overnight at school. Its to cold for them to come to school. tomorrow i think that school should be called off.

They should have closed all the schooles in louisiana. Its too colded.Tomorrow thwy shouls close all the school because itss to damn cold for this kind of wheater.

Please add ITI Technical College to the list of school closures.
Terry Vought
Operations Director, ITI

why do the EBR parish schools always seem to be the last to make the decision? all the parishes around baton rouge have closed but there is still no notice.

The Governor has issued a state of emergency. DOTD has urged people to stay off the roads. Severe winter storm warnings exist. Yet, EBR schools are not being called off? Come on... let these kids stay home. Many buildings are outside or students must walk outside to go to the cafeteria and bathrooms. Pipes and plumbing risk being frozen or broken. Can you picture 500+ kids @ a school w/ no running water... no place to go to the bathroom or wash their hands? Insane....

What? WHhy do Southern University students have school? In 2009, I got in a car accident going to class to take my final when it snowed the night before and Southern University in EBR didn't cancel school. That is unsafe for the students who stay off.

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