Sacramento wants cab drivers to have basic hygiene, other regulations

Sacramento wants cab drivers to have basic hygiene, other regulations

POSTED: Saturday, March 22, 2014 - 10:00am

UPDATED: Saturday, March 22, 2014 - 10:04am

Sacramento city officials want cabbies to clean up their act.

They are proposing new regulations for drivers, but not everyone is happy about it.

Sacramento cabbie Ahmid Mahmoud is fired-up:

"We don't have rent to pay we don't have bills to pay," he asks out loud.

So he's lining up his fellow drivers to take on city hall:

"Do those guys have common sense," Mahmoud asks.

The city is considering putting stricter rules in place for Sacramento taxi drivers.

Making sure vehicles are no older than 8 years, putting a new dress code in place, collared shirt and slacks, making it mandatory for all taxis to accept credit cards, and another requirement

Mahmoud calls unnecessary: a new policy requiring drivers to be hygienically clean, "That's very insulting for me and for all the drivers," he says.

One passenger gave us his take: “Yeah basic hygiene, I would agree with that."

Facing growing competition from web-based rides "Uber" and the ride-sharing service "Lyft" some Sacramento taxi drivers say the proposed cabbie crackdown could put the brakes on their business. The city calls it good business:

"So I want them to be the ambassadors and be the representatives for our city," explained City Council Member, Dafna Gauthier.

The proposal also calls for drivers to take a cabbie quiz: testing their command of the English language.

(Sample question): Smoking is prohibited in cars which word closely relates to the underline word?
1. Allowed
2. Genius
3. Banned
4. Covert
(Hoping they're able to pick number three).

Some are hoping the changes go through: "I don't think that's asking too much," said a passenger.

Ahmid Mahmoud might beg to differ: "You don't tell them after twenty five years or ten years you need to take a test."

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