Road to Excellence program takes form in Baton Rouge

Road to Excellence program takes form in Baton Rouge
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POSTED: Wednesday, July 16, 2014 - 6:30pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, July 16, 2014 - 6:34pm

It's called the road to excellence program, where driven high school students, who would benefit from extra guidance, are partnered with mentors.

"This is a game changer! If we can reach more kids then we can assure that indeed they are going to be a part of our community," said John Daniel, director of the program.

The 40 students selected have already shown their motivation, through their school work and they community involvement.

"I put an exclamation point behind their desire and their interest and their just showing up and participating. Because that will literally start to shape their futures," said Baton Rouge Councilwomen Ronnie Edwards, who was on hand to speak to the students.

And to no surprise, many of these highly driven and dedicated students have already begun thinking about their futures.

"I definitely just want as much guidance as I can which will get me to where I want to be so I can graduate law school at Yale. I want to be into corporate and criminal law," said sophomore BRHS student, David Yessayan.

Ashlynn Cleveland, another BRHS sophomore added, "I plan on going to college and receiving my PhD in physics because I want to pursue a career in astro-physics."

The program is only in its first year but organizers are already working to expand it.

"This organization, Boys Hope, Girls Hope of Baton Rouge and it's road to excellence, is scaling up its outreach to more children and we hope to grow it exponentially across this city so we build genuine relationships and we keep our kids here," said Daniel.

And if you ask some of Baton Rouge's community leaders, they are on board too.

"I am looking forward to great things coming out this program with him and the you people. I know that he will make a big difference and impact in the lives of those children," said State Representative, Regina Barrow.

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