Restoration planned for Marie Laveau tomb in New Orleans


POSTED: Monday, February 10, 2014 - 11:02am

UPDATED: Thursday, November 27, 2014 - 10:35am

Two months ago, the community had mixed reviews when the famous Marie Laveau tomb in New Orleans was painted pink.

That led to calls for the damage to be properly repaired for a landmark of such historic significance.

Now the Archdiocese has found the company to do the work.

"Her being a Yellow Fever nurse, she endeared herself to a lot of people,” said Milton Carr, a New Orleans tour guide. “But at the same time, she was reviled by a lot of people."

Voodoo legend Marie Laveau's tomb is a regular stop for tour guide Carr.

"I think it's wild, and interesting, and historical, and there's nothing like this in New England," said Margie Klavens, a tourist from Boston.

It made headlines when the Laveau tomb was coated in pink paint in mid-December, perhaps to cover the marks left by those making wishes.

But when pressure washing revealed decades of neglect and damage, there were concerns about proper restoration. Now the archdiocese has found the company it wants.

"Bayou Preservation is presenting us with a plan for a historic preservation of the Marie Laveau's tomb," said Sarah McDonald, Archdiocese spokesperson.

Bayou Preservation plans to repair the damage, and top it with special new plaster designed to protect the bricks in the 170-year old tomb.

"Save Our Cemeteries has also been involved in the conversation and has offered to cover some of the costs," McDonald added.

They figure it is going to take several months to complete the work, but say when it is done, this tomb will be restored to last for generations to come.

A spokesperson also added that there should be no more X’s written on the tomb.

Bayou preservation leaders plan to begin renovation on the tomb within a month, after the final contract deals are worked out.  

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I just came back from The Great City of New Orleans. Some one in New Orleans is trying to change 100's of years of tradition. Some man was taking all of the money left in gifts to the Voodoo Queens and kings. I told a man at the gate who was collecting money. He said... Don't leave nothing. Not to give respect. What the hell is wrong with them. That whole city will be cursed for this. I'm a Wiccan, I know that nothing but bad will come from this kind of thinking.

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