Residents upset by boil-water advisory in East Feliciana Parish

Residents upset by boil-water advisory in East Feliciana Parish
Friday, August 22, 2014 - 4:09pm

People who live near Clinton still do not know when they will be able to drink the water out of their faucets.

A boil-water advisory was issued Wednesday night, and some of the people it affects are boiling mad about it.

"We pay enough for the water as it is in this area," Chris Clifton said. "And I never thought the quality of water we had here was really good, anyway."

Clifton is one of dozens of people affected by the advisory, which includes homes on Idlewild Road, Sullivan Lane, Terrell Drive, and Christy Lane. According to Lawrence Carr, Operations Manager for East Feliciana Rural Water System, someone was trying to build a fence Wednesday evening when they accidentally drove a post into the water line.

Jamiya Robins was preparing a bath at the time. "When I ran my water, I got my clothes, and when I came in there the next minute, it was brownish," she recalled.

Clifton was filling up water bottles. "We had just finished washing clothes, thank god, before it turned brown, because it would've turned all the clothes brown," he stated.

East Feliciana Rural Water called customers a couple hours later with a voluntary boil advisory. The pipe had been repaired, but the water had to be tested in order to ensure its safety.

"By that time, the water had started to clear up," Clifton mentioned. "So suppose we would've been drinking it? They said it had bacteria in it or something, I don't know. But suppose you would've been drinking it, you probably would've gotten sick from it."

The boil-water order is voluntary, but many residents chose not to touch their faucets.

"I'm out today buying bottled water, which is expensive," Clifton said. "We always use filtered water for our coffee and to cook with, and all this. And we even give the filtered water to the animals, because we don't want them drinking it, either!"

Clifton was more upset with the boil-water advisory because a system-wide rate hike takes effect on September 1.

"If it would make the water better, I might be for it," he explained, "but 10 percent increase, that's a lot."

East Feliciana Rural Water had previously issued a boil-water advisory last weekend in the Bluff Creek and Pride areas, because of a broken piece in a well. The two issues were unrelated, and Carr said work was completed quickly, there, too.

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