Red Cross volunteers help flood victims get their homes back to normal

Red Cross volunteers help flood victims get their homes back to normal
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POSTED: Friday, May 30, 2014 - 2:11pm

UPDATED: Friday, May 30, 2014 - 2:13pm

A lot of people are cleaning up following this week's rain, but they're getting extra help. Dozens of Red Cross volunteers are doing their part to give back to those affected.

Water... water... and even more water, residents in this Darrow neighborhood saw their share of it the passed couple of days.

"It was impressive, in a bad way, how much it rained and how quickly the water rose. In fact some of the residents here have been telling us they've never seen it come up this quickly or this high before, and they've lived here many years," said Red Cross volunteer Clay Smilie.

"Roads closed, water up in the yards. Some houses don't have water in them, but water's just almost in the houses. It's just so much water," said Red Cross volunteer Kathy Smilie.

Most of these houses were filled with water. Now residents are cleaning up. Clay and Kathy Smilie are here to help.

"Well we're going to areas that we effected by the flooding. We're checking in with the homeowners to see if the water has come down yet, how much water they got in their homes," Kathy explained.

They are also giving out these cleaning kits.

"Squeegy, mop, bucket, some bleach, things like that they need to get their houses started getting back in the right direction," Kathy said.

Clay and Kathy have been volunteers with Red Cross for nearly 20 years, and they said the best part is just being about to give back.

"I'm very happy to be able to help people. I just like helping them get back going the right way," Kathy said.

"We all work together and we all enjoy doing it, and we'll travel when and where we can to help out," Clay said.

Red Cross volunteers will keep going back out to Ascension Parish for the next week or so to pass out more kits as the water drains off.

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