Public pools enforce safety as the busy season hits

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Friday, June 6, 2014 - 6:04pm

At Liberty Lagoon, life guards have to go through a rigorous training program and pass a swim test before they go on duty for the summer. there are also rules in place for the children, even if it may spoil a bit of fun. all for their safety.

"One of the basic rules is no running. We try to get them not to jump. I know that's a fun thing but it can be dangerous and also we have life jackets available," said Cheryl Michelet, Director of Communications at BREC.

But still, even with the park doing its part to keep a safe environment, the parents must do their part as well.

"I'm in close proximity of my grandkids that I bring to the park. And make them stay close by and get in the water with them," said Sharon Molden, a Boyou Goula resident.

Emily Carline, a Plaquemine resident added, "we've taken swim lessons for years, they're all very good at swimming above water and under water. we have a strict set of rules, we follow the rules set but the life guard and they obey what the life guards tell them to do."

Even the children have adopted the "safety first" policy this summer, and not necessarily just for the pool.

"If i don't know how to swim and I'm very little, I'll make sure I bring floaties and a life jacket. And you always have to bring sun screen because you do not want to get sun burnt. I'm actually sunburnt right now and I'm really, really, hurting," said Plaquemine resident, Chloe Herbert.

However, Todd Tabor believes some parents can still do a better job.

"The number one thing that they need to bring up is, we have trouble with texting and driving but we also have texting while the parent doesn't see the children fast enough. And if they put down the texting and they put down the facebook, it'll be a good thing to watch out for their kids when they are in the pool," said Tabor.

As for Todd, he has an extra set of eyes watching out for his youngest daughter.

"Whenever she's in the pool, I go far away and just keep watching her," said Todd's son.

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