'Protect our water': Environmental activists rally for clean water

'Protect our water': Environmental activists rally for clean water
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POSTED: Saturday, March 8, 2014 - 4:47pm

UPDATED: Saturday, March 8, 2014 - 4:52pm

Legislative session starts Monday, and many issues will be brought to the forefront. One of those issues is our water.

"You know what, we might be able to live without oil, but we can't live without water," Retired U.S. Army General Russel Honore said.

So Honore along with hundreds of people gathered at the Louisiana State Capitol Saturday. They think the government needs to do something to protect our water.

"To send a message to the legislature of Louisiana, as they meet this year in 2014. We need them to come out of this meeting with something that protects our water," Honore said. "The city of Baton Rouge and five parishes will be drinking water out of the Missisippi river if we don't do something."

Alexis Anderson agreed.

"For me, this has always been a lifelong cause," Anderson said.

Anderson said she wants to be a part of this change. Louisiana's environment is important to her because this is where she lives.

"I think this is a powerful thing because nothing crosses every line and every border and every race, every creed, every generation, as much as environmental issues," Anderson affirmed.

People from all over Louisiana support Honere's initiative and his "Green Army," who want to make a big impact in this upcoming legislative session because they said the laws are outdated.

"If you have no water to drink, that's part of your survival, so what are you going to need a government to govern?," Erin Schott said.

Schott came from New Orleans to make sure her voice is heard.

"I hope that they listen to that and understand that the environment comes first," Schott said.

That's what Honore's asking for because he said it's not about the government, it's about the people.

"We want people to go home and be active in their community and call their legislators and say 'Hey, don't come home without something that protects water.' because right now, we literally have no law in Louisiana that protects our drinking water," Honore said.

If you want to learn more about General Honore's efforts, his Green Army, or any of the other environmental issues hitting Louisiana, you can go to the links below:



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