Proposed program would help control cat population

Proposed program would help control cat population

POSTED: Monday, August 18, 2014 - 4:41pm

UPDATED: Monday, September 22, 2014 - 5:33am

The Companion Animal Alliance is hoping to save the lives of countless cats in the area and cut down on the cat population at the same time with a new program.

The alliance is hoping that its new TNR program- which stands for trap, neuter, and release- will soon be approved by the city council.

It would allow the shelter to pick up feral cats- also called community cats- and spay or neuter them instead of euthanizing them. The cats would get a rabies shot before being released back in to the neighborhood they came from.

Organizers say that once the animals are "fixed", they'll cause a lot less trouble.

"When you spay and neuter them you get rid of most of the nuisance behaviors. The mating, the yowling, the fighting. All that's taken away and you don't even really see them," says Beth Brewster, Executive Director of the Companion Animal Alliance.

The shelter began a pilot of the program last December. So far they've trapped and released about 1700 cats- which you can can identify by a notch in their ear. Councilwoman Tara Wicker is sponsoring the ordinance, which will be brought up for a vote in the August 27th meeting.  

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CAA has been breaking existing laws currently on books for EBR parish and State. I had animal control pick several cats from me and never asked do I want cat back. I would not have trapped cats and called if I wanted the cat that was not mine.
Stop the madness and enforce current laws. Fine CAA foe each cat released!!!

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