Poll shows East Baton Rouge parish residents are less worried about crime

Poll shows East Baton Rouge parish residents are less worried about crime
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Monday, July 28, 2014 - 2:41pm

The majority of East Baton Rouge residents are beginning to feel safer walking alone. Which is obviously a good thing, there still is a disconnect between people who live in certain Baton Rouge neighborhoods.

"They probably don't stay in the neighborhood that I stay in. Their neighborhoods they might not have to worry, there are more police driving around and they just may never have experienced living in the ghetto. And I hate to call it that, but that's just how it is," said Terry Butler, who lives in South Baton Rouge.

And as for medical marijuana, well people say that it should be legal here because everyone has different ways to cope with health issues. But it's still a no for recreational purposes.

"Until they do further tests on marijuana, I think it should should be for medical use only for sure around here," said Joe Oarneles of Baton Rouge.

The most alarming findings in the survey had to do with our local Government.

"One of the most interesting things is that what is happening here is also happening around the country. People feel disengaged from their politicians. A majority of the people here in Baton Rouge don't think their politicians are listening to them, which is unfortunate," said Mukul Verma, Director of Communications for the Baton Rouge Area Foundation.

And residents say that belief is dead on and it starts at the top of the chain.

"To me individually, I think the Governor is focused on running for president. And that's what he's been looking at since the time he has been in here," said Bip Tisge of Baton Rouge.

"It ain't too many people who are listening to politicians. Because they say the same thing over and over but they aren't going to do anything or hear our cries ya know," Butler added.

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