People across the country await decision from Supreme Court on same sex marriage

People across the country await decision from Supreme Court on same sex marriage

POSTED: Wednesday, June 26, 2013 - 8:00am

UPDATED: Wednesday, June 26, 2013 - 10:02am

Today is the last day of the term of us Supreme Court in Washington. We're expecting final decisions on several cases - including two that could define the future of same-sex marriage in America.

Crowds outside the U.S. Supreme Court are waiting to hear if the Justices will uphold or reject bans on same-sex marriage.

"I believe in the cause. I believe in marriage equality. I believe everyone should marry who they want to marry," said one onlooker.

"I'll be devastated if we go backwards," said another.

There are two cases: the Federal Defense Of Marriage Act, and California's Proposition 8.

Kris Perry and sandy Stier sued to have their marriage recognized in California. They have four children.

"We love our family and we look forward to the day when we will be treated equally just like our neighbors' families." Son of Plantiffs Kris Perry & Sandy Stier Spencer Perry

Edith Windsor challenged the federal law when her partner died and she was stuck with a $363,000 tax bill. New York recognized their marriage... But Washington didn't. She's hopeful.

"I think it's gonna be good." Plaintiff Against Defense of Marriage Act, Edith Windsor

Opponents are concerned the court's decision could have wide-reaching impact.

"It is impossible to know with any certainty the changes that would be worked on society by redefining a fundamental institution like marriage," said Co-Author for Prop 8, Andrew Pugno.

"The Justices could rule very broadly and say there is a right to same-sex marriage for example or very narrowly maybe not addressing the Proposition 8 case at all"

"Whatever the Justices do, we'll be thinking about these cases for at least a century," said Supreme Court Expert Tom Goldstein.

No Matter What The Decision, big Changes Are Sure To Come.

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