'Patriot Tour' raises money to give back to veterans in need

'Patriot Tour' raises money to give back to veterans in need
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Saturday, July 5, 2014 - 3:58pm

More than 180 motorcyclists drove hundreds of miles across our state today for a good cause. It's part of this year's Patriot Tour that raises money to help our veterans.

"Always remember, honor their memory, never forget," said Paul Aubert, a Vietnam veteran.

That's what everyone's here at the Harley-Davidson on Siegan Lane for, to remember those who have fought so hard to protect our freedom.

"So we must never forget who fights for us, who defends us, who protects us, and where our freedom comes from," said Aubert.

Aubert is one of them.

"We didn't get much respect when we served," Aubert admitted. "I've known men and women that served. I've known men and women that have sacrificed their lives, and have been injured in some way, shape, or form for us, and we must make sure that these people are taken care of."

So, he is raising as much money as he can to help veterans in need as part of the Nation of Patriots "Patriot Tour."

"It's a 100-day, 14,000-mile, 48-state tour of the American Flag passed from flag barrier to flag barrier as you witness here today," Aubert explained.

The Capitol City was able to raise more than $5,000 to go towards veteran families in our area last year, which is the most in the entire country.

"I wish somebody else would beat us because that shows other people are stepping up to the plate. We have set the bar nationwide not only in donations but the type ceremony you saw here today," Aubert said.

That $5,000 went directly to five veteran families in our area, and this year, Aubert has even bigger hopes. He wants to be able to help ten families.

As the motorcycles pass one by one carrying the flag of our nation, one thing comes to Aubert's mind.

"A real great sense of pride and accomplishment because this isn't about me," Aubert said.

He said it's about all of the veterans who live for us and die for us.

It's the 5th Annual Patriot Tour. The flag is now on it's way to Alexandria and from there it'll head to Monroe.

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