Parents speak out about teacher getting arrested for simple battery

Parents speak out about teacher getting arrested for simple battery
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POSTED: Friday, March 14, 2014 - 5:30pm

UPDATED: Friday, March 14, 2014 - 5:34pm

A Baker Middle School teacher is waiting for her day in court after being arrested for "yanking" a student out of class

Deborah Anderson allegedly "pulled" the eighth grade student by the shirt out of the classroom. This upset the student enough for him to tell his mom, ultimately getting police involved. Anderson was arrested for simple battery.

Some local parents told NBC33 she may have over-stepped her boundaries, but landing in jail is a little over the top.

Handling over a dozen kid’s day in and day out, can easily create tension.

“I can understand some of the kids are outspoken and don’t respect their elders,” said local parent Janelle Jinerson.

Baker Middle School teacher Deborah Anderson took a situation into her own hands, allegedly yanking a student out of class.

But some parents like Janelle Jinerson say the action was justified.

"I have no problem with that especially if their clothes are not right but I don’t think she should have been arrested for it."

According to Baker Police, the statement the student gave about the situation clearly showed Anderson violated the law, so she was booked mainly for what police call a "cool down period" which is meant to prevent her from acting out again.

Parent Terrance Lawfton says the whole situation is a little confusing,

“I think she kind of went too far and the police kind of went too far, so I think everyone went a little overboard."

But even though Jinerson says she would have done the same, she's now thinking twice about where she's going to send her daughter after elementary school.

“My kids will not attend Baker Middle and I am trying to get them to the magnet school.”

Police tell us Anderson will just have to wait until she heads to court to face the judge and her student.

NBC33 spoke with Baker Police Chief Mike Knapps briefly on the phone he said they were just doing their jobs.

"I feel for both the teacher and the student. I wish the school had a stricter policy so they wouldn't have this issue. They often don't report things like this; it's often the parents. But two wrongs don't make a right."

The school superintendent has yet to return our phone calls.

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