Overcoming adversity: Former foster child gets accepted into Spelman

Overcoming adversity: Former foster child gets accepted into Spelman
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POSTED: Wednesday, August 6, 2014 - 6:42pm

UPDATED: Friday, August 8, 2014 - 5:46pm

Going from home to home... it's reality for a lot of kids in foster care, but for brittany butler, she didn't let adversity stop her.

Fun, energetic, smart, and optimistic are just some words to describe Brittany.

"Everybody has rainy days, but at the same time, you have to smile to maintain," Brittany said.

However, Brittany has gone through things a lot of people can't even imagine. She lost her mom and dad in a matter of just a couple of years.

"It was a hard experience, very difficult, and still emotional today," Brittany said.

Brittany lived with another older brother afterward, but that took a turn for the worst.

"He told my sister and I that he could not financially support us anymore. So, basically he kicked us out," Brittany explained.

So Brittany went from home to home, but that did not stop her and what she wanted to do with her life.

"Everything that I've gone through. I think it really motivated me. You know, at a certain period of time, there are certain times that I wanted to give up and just quit," Brittany said.

Brittany graduated with a 3.7 from Central High School.

"I graduated with honors," Brittany said. "That's very big accomplishment for me."

She also got accepted into seven different colleges, including LSU and Loyola, but there was one she wanted to go to the most, Spelman College. However, she didn't have the money, but thanks to a local judge and people that care for her. Brittany is going to Spelman.

"Everybody that I met during foster care, I don't think I would have come this far," Brittany said. "I don't think I would have been into Spelman without my support system."

Capital Area CASA helped her get on the right track and her faith.

"Even though my parents are gone, He had that for a reason foster care. He did that for a reason. So, I try not to look at everything negative," Brittany said.

Her journey was not easier, but she has some advice for others in her position.

"Somebody's out there who is going through the same situation as you. If you need a listener, just say that. Someboby's always going to listen and support you," Brittany said.

Brittany is leaving for Atlanta August 8th. If you'd like to learn more about CASA, and it's services, you can go to the link below: http://www.casabr.org/  

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