Obama tries to smooth waters with a number of lawmakers on several different fronts

Obama tries to smooth waters with a number of lawmakers on several different fronts
Friday, May 17, 2013 - 8:00am

The IRS has a new chief this morning, appointed by the President...

He's in the midst of damage control as the IRS targeting of political groups coincides with several other controversies on Capitol Hill.

You can bet lawmakers will be directing their outrage at tax commissioner Steven Miller, this morning.

He will be explaining what happened and how at the first of several hearings planned by Congress.

Senior White House Budget Official Daniel Werfel is taking over as the IRS chief this morning. He was appointed by President Obama...

"It is just simply unacceptable for there to even be a hint of partisanship or ideology when it comes to the application of our tax laws," said President Barack Obama.

The former agency boss- forced to resign testifies before a house committee today.

Meanwhile, a manager for the IRS branch accused of improperly targeting Conservative political groups now says he's retiring.

"Nothing dissolves the bonds between the people and their government like the arrogance of power here in Washington," said House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio.

President Obama is trying quiet lawmaker attacks in response to a number of controversies.

And avoid what some call "the curse of the second term.

"When you're under siege, when your whole legislative agenda and your legacy are in danger of being swallowed up by conspiracy theorists, that's when you have to be more direct and more aggressive," said Ron Fournier, National Journal.

Facing criticism over how the administration handled the Benghazi terrorist attack...

The president tried to shift the focus.

"I've directed the Defense Department to ensure that our military can respond lightning quick in times of crisis," said President Barack Obama

He's also making no apologies for the justice department.

And it's unprecedented subpoena of Associated Press phone records as part of an investigation.

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