North BR resident fed up with blighted properties

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POSTED: Friday, March 28, 2014 - 6:19pm

UPDATED: Friday, March 28, 2014 - 7:36pm

Some homeowners in North Baton Rouge are fed up.

They are looking for why the city has allowed several local properties to get so overgrown and rundown that neighbors don't feel safe in their own yards.

Residents want the city to do something about those lots because they said they are unsafe, but one homeowner said no one is listening.

"We're surrounded with lots, but why can't we get it cleaned up?," Tyrone Thomas questioned.

Overgrown grass and an overflowing ditch are what Tyrone comes home to every day.

"You have a big lot over here that is half-cut, a ditch that stays full of water, a barricade that won't be cleaned up," Tyrone said.

For the past three years, Tyrone has contacted the city to get something done about the area beyond his street.

"Then you have a lot behind my house that's been grown out so long until you have snakes, coons, and rabbits," Tyrone said. "Everything comes out of there, and you have to go back there and wash clothes, which is an unsafe hazard."

So Tyrone has taken things into his own hands, but he said, it should not be his responsibility, but the city's.

Tyrone has tried to get the Department of Public Works, the Mayor's Office, and several other government agencies to do something about it, but every time he calls...

"You get no response, and nothing done," Tyrone said. "Now when I cut my grass, I can't even edge my driveway like other folks."

Tyrone said a few years ago, an Allied Waste truck came through and did this to his driveway and have done nothing about it since.

Tyrone said this isn't just his neighborhood, it's his family. That's why he wants to do everything he can to keep it safe and keep it clean.

"My thing is why we can't have a clean neighborhood like LSU, Beaucage, and Shenandoah Country Club. Why we can't live like those folks live?," Tyrone questioned.

I did reach out to the Department of Public Works. Officials said they are looking into it.

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