No Survivors After New York Plane Crash

POSTED: Friday, February 13, 2009 - 5:07pm

UPDATED: Thursday, June 3, 2010 - 10:57pm

There are no survivors from a plane crash late Thursday night near Buffalo, New York.

Air traffic control suddenly lost contact with Continental flight 3407 on approach to the Buffalo Airport.

The flight originated in Newark, New Jersey and pilots on board gave no warning of any trouble.

The crash site offers investigators few clues so far as to what caused the turbo prop plane to dive, nose first into a suburban Buffalo home.

The recovered flight recorders have already provided some answers.

"The crew discussed significant ice build up on the windshield and the leading edge of the wings. The flight director shows severe pitch and roll excursions within seconds of the 15 flap command,” said NTSB’s Steve Chealander.

But investigators are hopeful the recovered flight recorders will offer some answers.

The plane's tail is the only recognizable part of Continental flight 3407.

The crumpled and burned wreckage and remnants of a house all smoldering reminders of what eyewitnesses describe as a horrific ending for all on board.

"There's a tail section and then there's nothing but twisted metal," said witness Stephen Wallace.

The flight coming from New Jersey's Newark Liberty Airport, was minutes away from landing when it went down.

Witnesses say they heard the plane's engines sputter.

"Everything went dead silent from the sound that we heard and then house shook as we heard terrifying crash and explosion," said one witness.

Air traffic control lost contact with the plane five miles out from Buffalo Niagra Airport.

Light snow, winds and ice were factors but in the final recordings the pilots showed no signs of distress.

Forty-nine passengers and crewmembers died along with a man inside the home.

Miraculously, a mother and daughter inside the house escaped.