'No progress': North BR resident fed up with blighted properties, plans a march

'No progress': North BR resident fed up with blighted properties, plans a march
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Saturday, April 19, 2014 - 1:22pm

For most people, Easter weekend is a time to enjoy things like crawfish boils and easter egg hunts with family, but for some local residents, they won't get that luxury.

Imagine walking out of your house and seeing overgrown weeds and an overflowing ditch. Well that's reality for Tyrone Thomas.

"We have so many animals coming out of those woods back there," Thomas said. "You got snakes. You got a ditch that's filling up back there with mosquitoes, snakes, crawfish, everything is up in this ditch. This is what we have to come out of our door and look at."

Because of this, Thomas said he cannot even enjoy Easter with family because he is concerned for their safety.

"We can't even bring family out here to sit outside because we're going to get eaten up by mosquitos," Thomas said. "You might get snakes crawling. You get rabbits, animals, and all kinds of things coming out of the woods. So you can't really sit down and say you're going to enjoy a barbeque. You can't sit down and say I'm going to go out and boil crawfish."

NBC 33 caught up with Thomas a couple of weeks ago. For Thomas, it's been three years of phone call after phone call to city officials to get something done about the area beyond his street.

"Since the last time you were out here, we called and called City-Parish. No one will return your phone call. I'll they'll do is take a message," Thomas said.

Still, not much has been done. Tyrone said East Baton Rouge Mosquito Abatement did come out to help his mosquito problem last week.

"They sprayed my yard and the ditch, and told us 'Please try to get City-Parish come either close the ditch up or dig it out or so something where the ditch can drain because it's holding mosquitos and the eggs from the mosquitos,'" Thomas said.

Even with that, Thomas said officials are still not listening.

"We are never going to get treated right, not unless we have a voice," Thomas said.

Now he feels there is only on thing left to do.

"I do plan to plan a march. I am asking the neighborhood, and I'm going to ask the whole district of North Baton Rouge if we want to march and protest the city government," Thomas stated.

Since it is the Easter holiday, city offices are closed. So we could not get a comment from officials, but we will keep you updated on how things progress.

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