NM: Parents arrested after toddler swallows meth


POSTED: Friday, June 20, 2014 - 9:39am

UPDATED: Friday, June 20, 2014 - 9:43am

Police arrested two New Mexico parents after a tipster told them the couple's baby might have consumed illegal drugs.

Police say not only did the couple fail to report what happened, they didn't even take their 22-month-old to the hospital.

Officials with the Children Youth and Families Department says about 80 percent of the cases they handle deal with drugs or drug paraphernalia found in a home.

"This could be a very big detriment to the child and specifically their safety," said Henry Valera, of the CYFD

But state officials and doctors say the cases of kids eating drugs are rare.

"The New Mexico Poison and Drug Information Center handles all the state's calls when it comes to drug and poison information, and they say on average, they see less than a handful of cases every year involving a child who consumes an illegal drug," said Dr. Brandon Warrick, of the PDIC.

The center's director Doctor Brandon Warrick says a child's curious nature can lead them to put unusual things, like illegal drugs, in their mouths.

He says the side effects the child experiences depends on how much they consume.

"What we worry about in the health care setting is when that advances more. We start seeing seizures, we start seeing a really fast heart rate."

Doctor Warrick says the best thing parents should do if their child does eat something odd is call a medical professional for help.

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