New Police Station in Scotlandville

POSTED: Monday, March 30, 2009 - 6:11pm

UPDATED: Thursday, June 3, 2010 - 11:58pm

There’s a new precinct under construction for the Baton Rouge Police Department. It’s in the middle of BRPD Precinct 4 on Scenic in Scotlandville. The PD is excited because it’s their first new building and residents say they’re happy about increasing police presence.

66 officers are on the streets in Precinct 4, the old office was on Scenic. Baton Rouge Police Chief Jeff LeDuff says, “Prior to this construction beginning, we worked out of a renovated bank for many years serving this community here.” Right now, police in this precinct are working out of the airport. The new building is a first for the PD, they’ve always worked out other renovated buildings that weren’t set up as police stations.

Stephawn Sanders says Scotlandville is a good area, even though there’s crime here. He says he’s looking forward to seeing more police. “They always up and down the street all the time, they got to have somewhere to file their reports.” Folks who live nearby say the new building, right in the middle of Scotlandville, makes them feel safer. Skylar Jenkins says, “Safety is always more important if you ask me. You never can go wrong with that, so yeah I’m for it.”

Some residents say Scotlandville ahs a bad reputation, even though they feel safe here. They think a prominent state of the art precinct will help stimulate the economy. Clarence, a Scotlandville resident says, “I love Scotlandville. Born in Scotlandville. Scotlandville is a good town and we need whatever we need. We need some more business, we need more money, and I’m pushing whatever they do to help Scotlandville.”

Police say the new building will help them be more efficient and will boost the morale of officers who patrol this area. There have been a few delays with construction over the last week because of all the bad weather. Crews are hoping to wrap up construction by September.