New on DVD This Week

POSTED: Monday, December 7, 2009 - 8:29am

UPDATED: Thursday, June 3, 2010 - 10:59pm

A look behind the scenes highlights the DVD and Blu-Ray release of "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince'. This newest installment in the series sees Harry not only fighting Voldemort's tightened grip on Hogwarts....but dealing with the very mortal issues of simply being a teenager.

An interview with Meryl Streep talking about the challenges of playing Julia Child is among the extras for "Julie and Julia". Amy Adams also stars as an aspiring writer and cooking novice who takes on the challenge of preparing 524 of the super chef's recipes over a one year period. "Julie and Julia" is rated PG-13.

Johnny Depp dumps the pirate garb for a gangster get up in "Public Enemies".
He plays real life depression era bank robber John Dillinger, whose folk hero status runs up against a determined FBI agent played by Christian Bale. He's determined to bring down the man deemed the FBI's very first public enemy number one. The film's rated R.

You can check out Maura Tierney's performance as a woman coping with a troubled past in season five of "Rescue Me". Volume 2 features the season's 11 second half episodes, about the professional and personal lives of firefighters, including Tommy Gavin...played by series star Denis Leary. Moments that didn't go quite as planned are among the bonus features on season five for "Lost". The show returns soon for its final season and this 5 disc set shows the run up to the final episodes about the island stranded survivors of a plane disaster. Cast interviews and deleted scenes are also part of the mix.