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New Army recruits get ready for basic training

Photo provided by staff.

POSTED: Friday, June 13, 2014 - 4:44pm

UPDATED: Friday, August 8, 2014 - 12:57pm

Thirty new Army recruits recited their enlistment oath Friday at Perkins Rowe. Right now, they're gearing up for basic training.

The dedication, the commitment and the sacrifice, it takes a lot to be a soldier. However, for Brendan Charbonnet, it's something he's always wanted to do.

"Ever since I could talk really, I wanted to join the military because I thought to myself, that's who I am inside," Charbonnet said.

Charbonnet just graduated high school. He said he really wasn't sure which branch he wanted to go into.

"Of course, I was pretty much talking to every branch to see, but when they found me it kind of showed more of an initiative," Charbonnet said. "So I was like you know, maybe Army is the way to go."

Charbonnet chose the Army, and he's kind of a lone soldier with his friends.

"Honestly, I have a bunch of friends going into the Marines, and I have a couple of friends going into the Air Force, and then one in the Navy," Charbonnet said. "We all joke around with each other, but everybody is so supportive of each other."

Like Charbonnet, being in the military runs in Brandin Jackson's family too.

"It makes me feel proud that I can continue my family's lineage, and that I can also take what they gained from the military and apply it to my life," Jackson said.

Now they're getting ready for basic training, and preparation for it takes some work.

"weightlifting, cardio, and a lot of that," Charbonnet said. "So I think I'm ready physically, but I guess we'll find out mentally."

But no matter how hard it will be, these recruits said they're ready for everything that comes with it.

"To find my own way of life, my own calling, get to school eventually where I want to go, see the world, see other people live their lives, experience other cultures," Jackson said.

Basic training starts now, and it goes until August. So some local recruits will be sent to Oklahoma and some to North Carolina for training. It's not clear where they'll be stationed after that.

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Thanks for the post. They are really ready for the training. I have heard the training was really rigid.

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