NBC33 See it, Shoot it, Share it: Crazy hunting pic


POSTED: Friday, December 10, 2010 - 11:45am

UPDATED: Wednesday, August 27, 2014 - 12:59pm

BERWICK, La (NBC33) An NBC 33 viewer claims to have caught an "alien-looking thing" on a deer cam. He chooses to remain anonymous but says the pic was taken on a reserve in Berwick near Morgan City. The viewer says the cam itself was busted when it was found, but the SIM card was still in it and so was this image:

The viewer claims this is NOT a hoax. NBC 33's Tyler Gamble finds answers today. Watch NBC 33 News at 5 to see what he can find out.

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I think it’s a black panther that turn white after the Lumberjacks visited Berwick. GO PATTERSON LUMBERJACK in the 2010 State Finals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Somebody was trying to scare T-Boy in his deer stand. It's a fake and it wasn't taken in Berwick. I've seen this picture in two other places on the internet with different dates and claiming to be taken in different places.

Shame on the "news" for showing this. It must have been a slow news day.

Here is one example:

I'm a graphic designer, and that is very well done. The body language is very natural and detailed. Bravo! Hey, who knows. We all need a little mystery.
But PLEASE NEWS PEOPLE, YOU TUBE SUBSCRIBERS, etal: Stop playing the theme to the Xfiles EVERY TIME there is something odd. It's soooooo lame and worn out.

i dont know, but i would say its one ugly muthasucka, it might be possible this is really real tho, just cause of the embreeding and the ugly ppl mating with dogs and horse ect. who knows what goes on or what really goes on, but i would say this is real....lol

but dudes that may be true, but what if not? what if this ghastly image is some sort of abomination? some creature prowling, eluding human kind for years? sometimes we think were more intelligent than we are, truth be told we believe we know everything but we don't and we shrug sightings like this off as a hoax. well it may be but dudes, mystery is like, an entertaining oasis in the desolation of boring modern life plus, it keeps us sidetracked from reality, which could be super gnarly!

dudes this may be true, but would it not be totally gnarly if unimaginable humanoid apparitions existed like this? hidden from time some insane way? mystery is quite a fleeting luxury anymore and sometimes i feel itd be such a sweeter place to reside being eluded as a speices by an anomaly as ghastly and inhuman as this.

Alright, to all the ladies that complain about the hubby's going to the camp so much, just print this out and stuff it in the hunting bags and send it off to the camp with them. Might be surprised how many decide it was to cold to stay out there this weekend. :)

He is remaining anonymous for the news but is telling and showing everyone he comes across!! Before it was on here my husband told me about a guy who was freaked out about something he found on his deer cam and was showing people in the store to get their opinions about it!! So who knows! I am from the area and go hunting in the stand by myself but not anymore just incase!!!!!

this seems to be another fake picture just like big foot theres thousands of hunters and thousands of supposedly sightings now why havent any of them killed for real proof.whatever this is another fake.

Seems to me that if this guy wants to prove it's legit, he should turn the sim card over to authorities to analyze. If they have the actual sim card they should be able to distinguish weather the pic was altered in any way and put an end to the questions about it. I agree that the News channel should have really reserched a bit better. I'd be curious to get the results of an analysis...

You know Joday your right if the guy was serious that it was real then why hide and why not let someone prove if it is real or a fake! I grew up in Morgan City,I also lived in Berwick . My brothers and i played in the woods in both places all the time we were never scared of the woods however we were scared of t.v.! People act like OMG! Or it is so fake or i am so scared but yet they continue to watch movies that have stuff to scare the heck out of people ! So why would people really care

If the pic is real or fake ! But i agree that the news should have made sure if it was real or fake before they scared the hell out of some people and little kids. I have seen some things in my life and guess what people should be scared of people they are the real monsters!!!!! If this thing is (real) leave it be if not it the story will disappear in a few weeks !!

Yeah I know because I found the same picture and it's exactly the same but with a different date.

I viewed the pictures here and got alittle information but I don't know what to believe!

Guy remains anonymous cuz its fake, he don't want to get in trouble for faking it. If it was real, he'd want to be famous. And besides if this was in their woods, wouldn't they want to do a man hunt and find it so it wouldn't possibly harm anyone?

Youre exsactly right.

I agree with you Melissa, I live in the Berwick area and knowing ppl around here had it been something real and a chance to, as you put it get FAMOUS they so would have taken it!! I mean come on they are claming the WHO DAT was made right here in Patterson La!! But who am I to Judge? And about the man hunt my husband would be right there with em!

This is just a pic that has been circulating the internet lately. How could a supposed "news" outlet be sucked into this type of tom foolery. WOW, it is no wonder TV news ratings are through the floor.

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