NBC33 See it, Shoot it, Share it: Crazy hunting pic


POSTED: Friday, December 10, 2010 - 10:45am

UPDATED: Wednesday, August 27, 2014 - 11:59am

BERWICK, La (NBC33) An NBC 33 viewer claims to have caught an "alien-looking thing" on a deer cam. He chooses to remain anonymous but says the pic was taken on a reserve in Berwick near Morgan City. The viewer says the cam itself was busted when it was found, but the SIM card was still in it and so was this image:

The viewer claims this is NOT a hoax. NBC 33's Tyler Gamble finds answers today. Watch NBC 33 News at 5 to see what he can find out.

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i saw that one to how can you photoshop that one,and i have one of the game cameras to watch my house.. and but i know that you cant change the time or anything at all.. but i do beleive the one with the girl in the back because louisiana is the most state that is hunted i look up that kind of things... and my camera has have took pictures by its self for no reason.. but i believe in weird things but i dont think the guy is real..but i could be where because you dont know what lives in the woods

oh my gosh. i just checked out the link you posted on youtube, and OMG!!! that really got me. your right though. it does look like the same creature. i wouldnt go as far as to say photoshop though. i know i have had some pretty messed up experiences with the supernatural. but i cant say ive ever seen anything like this. Fake or not... it still makes you want to think twice bout going into the woods alone at dark. Especially for those of us who live in Northeast LA. LOL!

Hi um that creature isn't fake a deer camera caught one out in siminary on Dec.4 caught pictures of the deers then in corner you see something you see deers start moving out of picture. Then the creature!

No no no! All of have it all wrong. Its an image leaked most likely by Insomniac Games as a teaser for its upcoming game Resistence 3. That creature is a Grim. They appeared in Resistence 2 as a special strand of the breed called Chimera.


In Louisiana, eh? Then I'd says it's a demon from voodoo ville down there. Katrina wasn't enough of a punishment for that witchy voodoo state. Anyone who embraces Satanism of any kind will have demons to deal with, just like Louisiana (i.e., New Orleans is the worst), and Haiti just keeps gettin' nailed with hit after hit. These creepy things are flyin' all around. Get back to God, or you're all doomed.

You are a damn idiot! You think that Katrina was punishment for people who practice voodoo? I say a damn hurricane, flood or tornado needs to come and take everything you love away from you! If you were truly a godly person, you would NEVER say that anyone deserves a punishment like what Katrina did to Louisiana. Nor would you judge other people by their practices or categorize New Orleans as a "doomed evil" city.

voodoo...., satanism... You do know those movies you watch are fiction.. huh? the town where I live IN Louisiana literally has a church on every corner and by the way some really good Christian folks lost there homes, lively-hoods, and some even there lives in Katrina and Rita. based on my knowledge of the bible who are you to pass judgement on us and condemn us to hell anyway? the photo is probably a prank anyway... I mean come on.

Keep your idiot religious hokum out of this. All religion is as fake as that stupid pic - WHICH IS FROM A MOVIE!

you are so ignorant!! not everybody does voodoo.. thats something that was practiced long ago(yes some people still do it, but that is all over the world, not just Louisiana)... Louisiana is an amazing state :)

This is an image from the new J.J. Abrahams (Star Trek, Alias, Lost, Cloverfield, etc.) movie called Super 8.
If NBC 33 actually believes this to be a true news story without doing any sort of research then they are truly the absolute lowest in news standards - even below Fox.

Interesting! I hope that everyone's Saturday is going great and I hope that they have a great week next week!

What do photo imagery experts say about it? Has the NSA, CIA, FBI, DEA, MI6, KGB, the Pope, Dalai Lama, Billy Graham, Medicine Man Sleeps with Snakes, Yoda assessed the authenticity of this photo? would get their analysis before going public with it.

It's from a movie coming out in the not so distant future. It's a smoke, or a jump. Some of you will know what that means.

There are demons among us people. They are ALL AROUND US. SATAN is having his field day before the Apocalypse because God is allowing him to do so, as well as Satan's minions. This is proof of their existence. This is not the first time they have been photographed. Every single bad thing out there right if of Satan. There are only two forces in this world, good and evil. Good of God Almighty, and evil of Satan and his demons and fellow devils (fallen angels.) They are havoc & destruction.

All the images of night captures on the camera companies website appear to have the same shiny eyes but the deer seem to be unaware of the camera. This thing appears to be going at the camera. Where is the pics of the site afterwards? Were is pics of the broken camera?


Thibodeaux - "Boudreaux... was dat?"
Boudreaux - "Idunno... make a roux!" BAM!!!

Where are Sam and Dean when you need them?

Can we "Like" comments on here? I was thinking the same thing.

Whatever it is, it's wearing glasses.

Send Sarah Palin down there with her rifle! She is death on Caribou.
I do recall watching some reality show about searching for monsters not long ago where they were searching for some kind of monster in Louisiana Maybe this is it!

wow, do you call yourselves reporters? I did a simple google search and found that it is a viral marketing ploy for super 8 the new J.J. Abrams film. proof: http://www.movieweb.com/news/NEr7CY5VrfcYuA

now how about you cover real stories instead of pushing marketing for a movie. google before you report.

Not marketing for "Super 8" but a different movie:

It is viral marketing for the horror Movie "The Stuart House Recordings"

Nancy Pelosi what were you doing in Louisiana. Looks like she just had a roll in the hay.

ok this was caught on a deer camera.deer cameras are made for eyes to be seen.thats how u see a deer or any other animal on camera.this proves that it is real because the eyes were glowing.and thats the only thing that is able to be caught on deer cameras.ex.if a deer is running at night and your in a car and u shine the lights on it it's eyes would glow.correct?yes so this is why i believe that the thing is real.it also reminds me of the creatures of i am legand.

thank you
lyndsey evans

ya theres is something ppl were seeing similar to that, on monsterquest, called the moth man and it was suppossed to be before a natural disastor every time

its kind of funny, its not that i necessarily believe this picture, but this is how our world will die, if aliens or zombies or something similar attacks. It would be on the news and no one would believe it till it was too late.

It is a disgusting disservice when people hoax the media. Media is for information, not jamming with garbage. There needs to be laws making this type of activity a crime.

I don't know if its real or not but I do know that the truth is stranger then fiction

Why do you people get so angry and dismissive when out of the ordinary things pop up? You should be angry that out of the ordinary things DON'T pop up and ARE dismissed so quickly. Just because the object is transposed on other images doesn't mean the object is fake. How about finding out what the dang OBJECT is.

Like EXJACKNAVYMAN I woulda ate dat sukka! Probally woulda made good sauce piquante!

Looks like an xray of a human to me!! Geez!! Get a life!!!My son had the house locked down so tight last night after seeing this on the news I had trouble getting in with the key!!



Just think of the money it took to "investigate" and "report" on this. Everyone from the station owner down to the lowliest reporter must be as dumb as dried paint. They should all be fired and the station repurposed as a McDonald's.

Waste of time, waste of airspace, waste of humanity. Shows like this deserve a viewer rating of ZERO.


SIM cards go into cell phones. LOL!

no, a sim card goes in digital cameras and gam-cams :)

Yes dear, sim cards DO go into cell phones=)

You people are idiots to run such stuff. Where are your journalism skills? How shameful. Go cover the real news, for heaven's sake.

This photo has made the rounds already on the Internet, and I'm surprised MSNBC is running with it now. There are even differences in the pics. It's either an iPhone app or Photoshop. Check out the conversation about it on www.paranormalpopculture.com

This pic has been circulating for a little while. There are even differences in the photos. It's discussed further at www.paranormalpopculture.com

Do news crews even attempt to check facts these days? Pictures are not stored on SIM cards. SIM cards are used in cellular phone systems to access the phone network. The only other data that can be stored on a SIM card is contact information. And no, that does not include the contacts picture. This is why most newer phones these days also have a place for a micro-SD card. This is completely different than a SIM card. So, which is it? A SIM card or an SD card? This is crap.

Looks like an X-ray shot of a man to men...:)

If anyone thinks this is real your wrong!If you look at Iron Maiden's Peace Of Mind album clover & compare it to the photo they look almost the same!Alien I don't thing so nice try with the photo shop though

@h0mage: *facepalm*
Please don't ever breed...

@sickofit: Please dont ever breed

dont hate me because im beautiful, and plus i dont want child support after me

What they trying to do keep people off there land so they don't hunt it..I think they are just trying to scare people so people won't go hunting...

it is an escapee from coyounville,who drank to much one Saturday night,come on guys,who believes this crap anyway,my cousin tried to tell me his friend caught that on his camera in Ruston the same figure. I called it a fake then and I am calling this one a fake now. These hunters need to quit sniffing the gun powder,sheesh.

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