NBC33 See it, Shoot it, Share it: Crazy hunting pic


POSTED: Friday, December 10, 2010 - 10:52am

UPDATED: Tuesday, February 18, 2014 - 4:24pm

The viewer who turned in this picture claims his friend found the freaky photo on his deer stand camera.  He says the hunting cam was broken, but the SIM card was still there and so was this crazy image.  The viewer claims this is NOT a hoax. NBC33's Tyler Gamble finds answers.

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This is something new. Pretty cool, but scary. What I don't understand, is how the creature destroyed the camera with arms to small, maybe 2-4 inches wide. The shoulders are very wide, which is strange, with how small the arms are that is. The glowing eyes is just something that comes when you take a picture of an animal with a camera at night. It could be some sort of ape, seeing it doesn't have a tail, but what it is is a head-scratcher.

this does look very similar to a scene in a movie called the decent

how about the guy sends in more pictures of it and his destroyed camera and camp. kinda looks like my cousin though.

This photo was copied off of Darrell Hoskins face book photos of his trail cam, while hunting in Ky.

i dont know exactly what it is but it looks like something off of a horror show ive never seen a horror show with that guy in it.its pretty freaky alot of people have been saying its off of a movie called the cave i have never seen it but i need to so i can know if its a hoax

I think it looks like a wendigo and not the comic version or the movie either. The mythical version.

I think it's gollum off of lord of the rings
......maybe he decided to come outta his cave for some fresh air

I think it's gollum off of lord of the rings....lol.maybe he decided to come out of his cave .....lol.

First of all, you all must be virgins. Second look at how skinny it is. It is leaning over because it's probably having a hard time standing. If college students want to play a hoax then they need to use a huge mussle bound guy with giant talons and sharp drooling fangs, and it needs to be ripping a grizzly bears head off. Then I'll be freaked out. But until aliens (other than illegal ones) land on the white house lawn or in times square, I'm gonna remain skeptic.

First off, all you people or nuts. Even if it was an Extra Terestrial (Alien) you would not catch them on tape. Because of the fact the live off of free energy and they have a very high amount of a magnetic energy ora. That's why if you see any footage of them that might exist, the magnetic energy blocks out signals on the camera. If people would actually take time to notice things like this more often, you wouldn't have any questions,you would already know.

your calling them nuts and your talking about free energy and magnetic crap like its science. we've never seen other life forms and most likely never will.you sound more insane than the guy who photo shopped this picture.

This picture may or may not be real. The only person who would actually know is the guy who it came from. Now, does it really matter? No!! Because its most likely some college kids testing out their new final cut software. I have seen strange things in Berwick, Bayou Vista, and in Patterson,La such as glowing lights that have this deep humming noise then disapears with a high pitch dog whistle type noise. I study these things and know of the Zeta Reticuli Alien Figures used for th3 project ser

Po trade. They are described as nice, gentle and telepathic creatures who live 39 lightyears away from our planet. By the speed they were traveling after being shot out of a worm hole(magnetic force). Was in fact half the speed of light and it took 9 months to reach their planet. They or basicly 2 billion years more advanced than us and are somewhat upset with earth because we are the only planet with starvation and a screwed up government. Do your research you'll see, stop believing lies....

Why are people so quick to say that this is a hoax? I would be ignorant to think that because there is so much out there that we will never clearly understand. If the picture is genuine (which I do believe is) it just goes to show we are not alone! Wether it be alien or paranormal the proof is right there on film!!!

what if it was a alien, just look at it little more.If we put camres everywhere then we might find out if this creature was act our fiction.

i live in morgan city for 38 years and i hunt here for about 28 years and i neaver seen nothing like that the hunter that got that need to lay of the bottle thanks that a good lol

Why is this news? Grey haired swamp beasts have been resident in my area (New Iberia) for years. They are the back bone of our society and without them most of the hard work which YOU decide you don not WANT to do would not get done. Simple. We need to respect these kind creatures and pay them a decent minimum wage.

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