NBC33 See it, Shoot it, Share it: Crazy hunting pic


POSTED: Friday, December 10, 2010 - 10:45am

UPDATED: Wednesday, August 27, 2014 - 11:59am

BERWICK, La (NBC33) An NBC 33 viewer claims to have caught an "alien-looking thing" on a deer cam. He chooses to remain anonymous but says the pic was taken on a reserve in Berwick near Morgan City. The viewer says the cam itself was busted when it was found, but the SIM card was still in it and so was this image:

The viewer claims this is NOT a hoax. NBC 33's Tyler Gamble finds answers today. Watch NBC 33 News at 5 to see what he can find out.

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This is real...

From what I know of that pic it is from a creepypasta known as the Rake. But alot of people are saying it is from DOOM 3 which I have never played.

This picture is from Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil. I'm sure the people at id software are either getting a good laugh at this or will sue the person for copyright infringement. Nice try though,but you might want to come up with something original next time.

Just how dumb does this person think I am. This pic is from a game called Doom 3 Resurrection Of Evil. I have this game and recognized the picture as soon as I saw it. This person needs to get a life if this is the only thing they can do to cause excitement. Next time don't steal someone else's art work and come up with something original!

Trust me guys & girls out there who are baffled by this mysterious creature its not off The Cave & also not off The Descent films either. On YouTube there is a Video of two Spanish men & it is even translated there explorers of some kind filming in some woods late at night, Anyway the creature looks exactly the same as the photo on the deer cam which was destroyed! What i suggest is go on to YouTube & i think the video is called something like Chubacabra caught in woods late at night but they see it & they run like hell when he/it notices them you can tell they are not faking it please watch it as i would really want to know what other people think about this as it to me anyway there is no way it is human.It almost looks like the Hobbit from the Lord of the ring movies however it is much to big in size to be this so please guys & girls let me,everyone else out there let us know what you think thank you Tosh from the U.K =) !

Not Spanish Guys Seen It They Were Out Hunting I Think Deer Untill They Saw Something Like This So They Zoomed IN on It Then I Think They Were Being Chased

to fake or not to fake...people who want to remain anonymous 'because' they don't want to get hammered with ridicule and harrassed with shame over something they can't explain themselves...and they instantly labled as liars? just because they can't produce more that 1 photograph? & wasn't there to get more evidense of it. come on! people would have more to share if they weren't killed for their efforts over it! I certainly would NOT want to meet this thing in person!

Okay so i got on the websites and it says lousiana monster pics, and i have gotten forwards thats say ohios new monster and then the news pics and they all have the same background and the monster is in the same postion any explainations please? I'm just a little curious if it's true why aren't they doing anything about it...how fast does it travel, can repurduce is thetre more than one??? what is up with this thing?? && Where is it now!!!???

My wife and I watched a red glowing sphere(about the size of a car)land in clear view about 1000 feet from our front door in the woods, Jan 22,2010 at 11:15 PM. I went over in my car with my adult daughter, we saw the craft on the ground, watched an experiment being done in the woods with some sort of light and looked into the eyes of the being as he watched us from behind a bush next to the road. His eyes glowed when my flash light was shinning into his eyes. He was about 7 ft. tall. True story

the pic is FAKE! do not worry there is proof on idoubtit.wordpress.com.

Look like there is a investigation going to be done:


the beast is fake do not think of it go to idoubtit.wordpress.com

That thing is the most awesome yet slightly creepiest monster..... maybe its a swampisaurus or a relitive of a wampus cat.... i want to meet that sucker in person and shoot it.... do you ever think it eats people???????????

All I know is that God is real! Satan is real! Angels and Demons have both been seen before. We, as humans just freak out when they do appear. Remember the shepards reaction when they first saw the angels announcing Christ' birth? The angels had to say..."Fear Not". That is what I say today...."Fear Not!" The Bible says that "Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world"...(in the world???of course!...everybody should know that there are powers spiritual in the world at work

and your a religous nut

Who gives a rat's ass whether or not it's real.
It's this reason precisely, that keeps me out of the woods.
It's either a killer, mutant, man-eating inbred, a new kind of monster, or an alien, or maybe it's a combination of any of the three.
Just stay in the cities, or in your homes, and you'll never have to face it.
Problem solved

1st. this picture is not any of the links I followed to see debunked.2nd..It doesn't matter if it's faked or not,, relax and have some fun. 3rd .. you folks that hate religion are a pain in the backside .. 4th you folks that are so religous ..self rightous.. are as bad as the the 3rd's. God would like us to care for each other.. and if there are strange things in the woods and you are afraid, DON'T GO IN THE WOODS! Otherwise, enjoy the vastness of God's universe. Even aliens. Just not illegals.

This is like ALIEN SEEN BY ANOTHER man in Fayetteville, NC on January 8, 2007. First he and his buddies saw 3 BIG sphere like UFOs (he said were ORANGE), then went to see what his dogs were barking at. A small being with RED GLOWING EYES, strange mouth and what appeared to be a breastplate of some sort on chest, and wearing a covering that appeared "glass-like". This story was called "Fayetteville Incident" on "UFOs over Earth" show on Discovery Channel & can be viewed on youtube to see pic.

It is viral marketing -for the horror Movie "The Stuart House Recordings"

OK Folks, it's not viral marketing for a video game or Super 8 - but it's probably something for a movie. Check this out: www.paranormalpopculture.com

Fools! This is a hoax! It is a picture taken from the movie "The Cave". Check it out.

I TOLD you guys to NEVER take my picture BEFORE I have had my first cup of coffee in the morning!

Let me tell you people something. You may or may not believe it is real. I do belive it is real. I also believe it was a demon. People may think I am joking, but demons are real as you and I. I have spent my whole life researching about demons and they walk on the earth all the time. This is what it could be.

I live in college station Texas. I have the samemexact picture taken only days earlier, but right down to the second. The creepy partnof my picture is, there is a reddish black blob and if you blow it up, it looks like Satan. Feel free to email me to see a copy. Chrisnjess010202@yahoo.com

WOW! CHECK OUT the Youtube video Chupacabra slow montion part 2 about 2:36 min in to it "YOU WONT BELEIVE IT" The same creature!!! 4 YEARS AGO!!!!

im not goin 2 worry about that thing , i can beat it up cause it did not eat his wheaties LOL!!!!1

im not goin 2 worry about seein it in the woods cause by the looks of him i could beat him up , cause it does not look like he ate his wheaties that mornin!!!!

i was told this was found in woodward oklahoma

yall people are so ignerant do u not now how easy it would be to make a pic like this with the technology we have today..its been doctored fake!


well. my thoughts are this... i think someone just got this on facebook as did i and several ppl in my town and that person decided to say it was his because we were all told here it was taken down in haworth a town by us.... so if the guy chooses to remain anonymous y?? hmmm thats a question to ask... maybe its fake maybe its not but its not like ur pic is worht a million dollars so y would u want to remain anyn...???????

I just want you to know that this Picture of the "thing" was mine. I found this picture on ArcheryTalk.com and actually changed the date from 11/30 to 12/04. Then started telling my friends that it was taking were I hunt. Just figured I'd let ya know. This 1 is with the 12/04 date-stamp is not the orginal.

Actually the people that shot this are my cousin in laws friend and his dad and is was in between Carey Ohio and New reigel Ohio

Really, I live about 45 minutes from carey on a good day, do you think you could find a way to tell me where at? Me ad a few friends wanna go set up some deer cams out that way....

Humans when left to their own devices and raised in the wild become quite animalistic and I personally think this is a deranged and probably inbred distorted version of human being that has grown up with only the basic instincts to guide him probably emaciated from hunger and a product of some sick incestuous relationship,someone was trying to hide!

There are two photos or so that is what appears because the dates on the bottem of the pictures are different they have the exact time???HMMMM makes you wonder and if this is real why??

I have to say..This does look real the only problem is the dates at the bottem are changing,you have 11/30/2010 and then you have 12/04/2010 so was this seen 2 times or just one time cuz now I am a little skeptical the times are exactly the same just different dates,so I mean come on fellas why try to get in the media...are you that bored!!!

Total fake there is this picture and the one that's going around in txt messages same identical picture except the dates on the bottom of the pictures are different. Not saying however, if I saw this in the woods I wouldn't empty my rifle into it and run like hell and hope to god I killed it.

I have to say that this is going to be extremely controversial. The question I will ask is where are the other pics from the SD card because the deer cam is set up to pick up movement for up to 25 feet away from the camera itself. There should have been some before this one of the thing approaching at distance and before it got this close. But this is the only pic on the camera? I am not convinced too easy to fake this kinda evidence...... just my opinion.

okay...this pic is really creepy. i honestly think itz real tho...sooooo u people betta whatch out...u neva know whatz in our woods...itz commin, and we should be prepared.

Go look up Mass Effect, its a video game for the Xbox 360 if you don't know. I'm an avid gamer and I'm sure it's a Husk from the game.

I've never heard of that game, but Did google the image and I'm pretty positive you're right. The head angle, glowing eyes, even the body structure! http://masseffect.wikia.com/wiki/File:Husk.png

i tink dat der be my uncle babeux him is skinny

jeeper creepers where did ya get those peepers!

jeeper creepers where did ya get those peepers!

For all the people who think its fake, I think it would be really funny if it came and bit yall right in the ASS!

Looks like David Rockefeller or Dick Cheney. Not sure which one as neither are human.

Kill it, Tag it, Hang it in the town square,
then you can do a story on it.

Well I have to say that the newscast showed one from a guy in North Louisiana, with the shadow of a girl and if it was fake then why was the deer looking at it ? ??? I am from Louisiana and from Morgan City to be exact which is right next to Berwick which i have also lived and i don't appreciate the hateful comments about us being backwoods if you think it is fake go spend the night in those woods !!!!!

i know which one you are talking about..they texted me that same picture, but its actually an app on the iphone. I downloaded it and did a couple and sent them out to the same people that sent it to me. Not saying i dont believe, just saying i was duped =(

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