NBC33 Consumer Alert: Knock-offs could be dangerous


POSTED: Wednesday, April 6, 2011 - 3:09pm

UPDATED: Monday, September 26, 2011 - 11:04am

THIS IS AN NBC33 CONSUMER ALERT Cheap knock-off products could cost you more than a few bucks. Experts say some of them can be deadly.

"If you really knew what you were buying, you probably wouldn't support it," says Robert Barchiesi with the AntiCounterfeiting Coalition.

All over the state, counterfeit products are making their way into your home. "Counterfeit bags, counterfeit perfume, counterfeit sneakers. If you can make it, they'll fake it," explains Barchiesi.

Faking the real deal hurts tax revenue for the state and cuts jobs. "They're violating the rights of people who have their legitimate interest in business products, who do it right, who are paying their taxes" says Attorney General Buddy Caldwell. He says counterfeit products are becoming a serious problem in Louisiana.

Some of those products can be extremely dangerous. "There's folks that have gotten counterfeit pharmaceuticals and they've died from that," says Barchiesi. "Even the innocuous goods, like fragrances, there's high contents of alcohol that can burn people's skin. Brake pads give out because they're made out of sawdust."

At an anticounterfeit training conference hosted by Attorney General Buddy Caldwell, law enforcement officers learn how to spot phony goods. There are several things that you can do to protect yourself from buying mock merchandise. "It it's too good to be true, it is," says Barchiesi.

Experts say to steer clear of shopping at places you aren't familiar with. "Everywhere and anywhere from flea markets to going on the internet and shopping online."

Be careful about the price you pay for big brands. "If you're buying a high-end product for ten dollars, its probably counterfeit," says Barchiesi.

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BOOTH 254 The Carret guy We purchased two AQUA DE GIO FOR MEN by Armani 3.4 edt sprays at the TW FLEA MARKET Sat Sept 24,for $25 each,we went to another booth it was $65 so we purchased the $25 one of course,I PUT SOME ON ,my face and seemed cool,but after I WENT HOME TOOK A SHOWER my face broke out in blisters,I WENT back Sunday,and THE CARPET GUY wasnt there,
I went to another booth,and he said what do you expect for $25,and said I GOT WHAT I DESERVED,
I do understand I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER,but he puts the real one out to try,and
is why I THOUGHT REAL.Imake about 150.00 week going to college,now we are both out $25 each
Going back Sat to try to get my money back BUYERS BEWARES THIS STUFF IS BAD

Watch out in Gulf Breeze Florida lot's of fake Coach handbags she claims are licensed,ripoff Paid $150
Zipper Broke Took to Coach lousy fake,she is there every weekend lots of Coach bags,no one in Pensacola or Gulf Breeze police these places

I also got stung by THE CARPET MAN I bought to sell in my beauty shop and had to give three refunds,and its like water DIOR CHANEL AND ISSEY MIYAKI Booth 254 T & W Flea Market
Looks so real and sprays the real first on you and get home is different

My daughter purchased Chanel and broke out $20 for 3.4 spray went for refund refused,contacted police and ICE no help he sells a lot and tell everyone its real no help from auhorities thay just laugh that its too good to be true its my fault

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