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Negotiations with Iran over nuclear program hits a snag

Tomorrow at midnight is the deadline for the U.S. and Iran to come up with the nuclear deal. They're negotiating as the rest of the Arab world gears up for an all-out war against Iranian-backed rebels in Yemen.

Researchers work to identify & remove allergen in gluten for sufferers of celiac disease

Researchers in Kansas are working to develop a wheat safe for people with gluten allergies. The research can't make wheat gluten free, but may be able to alter the nature of the gluten itself.

Centers for Disease Control hopes latest round of graphic ads will help prevent smoking

By now most people have seen or heard of the graphic anti-smoking ads from the Centers for Disease Control. What many may not have heard is an explanation of the damaging effects of cigarette smoking put quite like this:

Louisiana authorities investigate disturbing video shows young men decapitate live goat

The Louisiana SPCA said it has upped the reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the people responsible for the beheading of a goat. The reward now stands at $13,000 - up $10,000 from its initial reward.

One person dead after string of tornados swept from Oklahoma City to Tulsa Wednesday

A violent spring storm targeted the Plains Wednesday, spinning several reported tornados from Tulsa through Oklahoma City. Exploding power transformers lit up the dark skies, leaving tens of thousands without power.

Colorado dog's backyard digging leads to search for veteran

At her home in Stapleton, Colorado a golden lab mix named Smuckers is about to get an unusual visitor - the kind usually reserved for military veterans and their families.

ISIS posts online threat revealing personal information of U.S. service members

Military experts are calling the online publication of names and personal information of U.S. service members by ISIS a scare tactic.

Suspect shot & killed after attacking New Orleans TSA agents with wasp spray & machete

A man armed with a machete and wasp spray is dead after attacking TSA agents at New Orleans' Louis Armstrong International Airport late Friday.

Prosecutors could rest case against accused Boston Marathon bomber this week

After ten days of testimony, the prosecution in the Boston bombing trial may rest its case later this week.

Pennington Biomedical is making "Soldier fuel"

Pennington Biomedical Research Center has had a partnership with the Department of Defense since 1988 to find the most efficient type of fuel for military use. But it’s not fuel for vehicles or military equipment.

Days after winning, Netanyahu backs off comments about not supporting a two-state solution

This morning Israel's Prime Minister is backing off his pre-election day comments about not supporting a two-state solution with the Palestinians.

Disabled veteran shoots two people for allegedly attacking a pregnant woman

A disabled veteran shot two people in Martin County, Florida. He told deputies he was defending a pregnant woman and himself. Frantic moments for Joshua Anderson, he called 911 after he shot the two people.

University of Virginia student's brutal arrest by Alcoholic Beverage Control agents triggers outrage

Protests by members of the University of Virginia community shut down parts of Charlottesville Wednesday night following the brutal arrest of UVA student Martese Johnson by Alcoholic Beverage Control agents.

House Foreign Affairs Committee hears from State Department on talks with Iran

Nuclear talks with Iran continue in Switzerland today. Officials are rushing toward a crucial deadline to either outline a plan, or call it quits at the end of this month.

Family comments on miraculous events surrounding baby's rescue & recovery

One week after the miraculous rescue and recovery of 18-month-old Lily Groesbeck, who was found hours after her mother's car crashed into the Spanish Fork River, family members say they are sure of one thing: