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Students tear down goal posts, set fires after OSU victory

Excitement quickly turned to chaos on The Ohio State University's campus after the Buckeyes won the College Football National Championship Monday night.

‘Parking Lot Doctor’ fights to keep medical license in Mississippi

His office is a parking lot. His exam room is a car. Now 88-year-old Dr. Carrol Frazier Landrum is being asked to surrender his medical license.

Macklemore 'pops some trash' on Sesame Street

One man's trash is another puppet's treasure.

Minnesota teen survives crashing car into icy river

Rescuers are crediting unbelievable luck, along with wearing a seatbelt, to the survival of a teenager who slid more than 30-feet off a cliff near Wykoff, Minnesota this weekend, crashing into the Root River below.

Alabama residents outraged over ‘White Genocide’ billboard

A controversial billboard off an Alabama interstate has a lot of people talking.

Commute turns deadly for passengers on DC Metro subway train

One woman is dead and several more injured after a fire in the Washington D.C. subway system Monday afternoon.

Ohio State faces Oregon in historical CFB championship game

It took decades for college football to come up with an NCAA Division One playoff system, and now in just a few hours it will be the Oregon Ducks or Ohio State Buckeyes bringing home the championship trophy.

Automakers display muscle, style at Detroit auto show

Excitement on wheels. That's what the North American International Auto Show is all about. Dozens of new models are on display in Detroit this week, as manufacturers kick off what's expected to be a blockbuster year.

Boy speaks after 65 surgeries to repair damage from swallowed battery

The damage caused by a button battery lodged inside the throat of Emmett Rauch, a 5-year-old boy from Peoria, Arizona is staggering.

Facebook 'likes' predict your personality

You think no one knows you better than your family and friends? Wrong.

Security video shows man stealing dog from Canadian tourists

Surveillance cameras outside of a Memphis, Tennessee restaurant were rolling as two men broke into a car and stole a Yorkshire Terrier named Dixie.

Rescuers claim wings of 18 pelicans were intentionally broken

More than a dozen pelicans are under the care of a bird rescue group called BEAKS. after washing ashore along the Florida coast.

Grandmother of girl tossed from bridge speaks out

Michele Jonchuck's life has been a living hell for the past four days.

Driver charged with DWI after car goes through home

An Arkansas man has been charged with DWI after slamming his car through an empty Jacksonville home.

Interactive kitchen to unite cooking with digital age

The kitchen of the future is taking shape at Virginia Tech.