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MO police: babysitter murders 6-year-old child, hides body

A 37-year-old Fulton, Missouri man has been charged with the murder of a 6-year-old child left in his care.

How to stop 'vampire energy' from sucking your wallet dry

As taxed as air conditioners were this summer, running up electric bills across the country, there's something else Americans now need to pay attention to year-round if they're interested in cutting energy costs.

Virginia woman gets $91,000 power bill

Imagine opening up a bill and seeing a near-six digit number.

'Ferguson Five' file $40M lawsuit against police for brutality during protests

Five people filed a multi-million dollar federal lawsuit Thursday against the Ferguson and St. Louis County police departments.

Obama says administration is working on plan for combating ISIS

With pressure mounting to deal with ISIS in Syria and Russia in Ukraine, President Obama says the United States isn't ready yet.

LSU students react to beauty product that could prevent sexual assault

You're out at a bar or club with a group of girlfriends, you turn your head, only for a moment, to say hi to someone...and sadly that's all the time it takes for your drink to be spiked with a date rape drug.

Obama works to build international coalition on ISIS

President Obama summoned his National Security Council to the White House Thursday as the fight against the terror group ISIS reaches a critical decision point.

AZ thief steals car with baby inside, crashes car

An Arizona infant is safe with his parents after taking a wild ride. It all began at a Tucson shopping center where Claudia Arvizu was inside getting her new car insured.

TX church buys night club, beats out strip club

A Houston church is moving forward with the purchase of an old nightclub near downtown.... with plans to create a place of worship. It's just the latest project in the neighborhood.

Nurses allegedly leave elderly man outside for hours in FL heat

A 90-year-old Florida man is in critical condition after deputies say his nurses at Aristocrat Nursing in Naples left him outside in his wheelchair in the heat for nearly three hours.

U.S. Safety Commission issues recall for 2.2M beanbag chairs

More than 2 million beanbag chairs are being recalled following the deaths of two children. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Ace Bayou Corporation have announced a voluntary recall.

Dad accused of killing drunk driver who killed his two sons acquitted of murder

A Texas father accused of gunning down the drunk driver who killed his two sons shortly after the accident has been acquitted of murder. The jury took just three hours to announce its verdict in the trial of David Barajas.

Brain-eating amoeba found in water supply in St. John the Baptist Parish

Officials in Louisiana's St. John the Baptist said Naegleria fowleri, a brain-eating amoeba, was found in the parish's water.

Drone delays medical flight to hospital in Ohio

An unexpected drone in the area around Dayton, Ohio's Miami Valley Hospital prevented a CareFlight helicopter from landing, with a "significantly hurt" patient onboard.

Husband & wife plead guilty to "thrill killing" of man answering Craigslist ad

A husband and wife charged in the so-called "Craigslist Thrill Kill" of a Sunbury, Pennsylvania man entered guilty pleas on Tuesday.