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Kids as young as 5 concerned about body image

 Nineteen-year-old Juliana Lyons calls herself a "confident girl," and yet she still struggles -- every day

I have to pay back my Obamacare subsidy

 Janice Riddle got a nasty surprise when she filled out her tax return this year.

Punishment for using Facebook in prison: Solitary confinement

 South Carolina prisoners get the harshest in-prison punishment -- solitary confinement -- just for using Facebook.

Think we're a love match? Spit into this tube!

 Your soul mate may be just a spit cup away!

Staying safe when the lights go out

From North Carolina to Maine, strong winds this weekend are going to make a lot of residents and power companies pretty ne

Scanadu: The medical Tricorder from Star Trek is here

In 2013, an Illinois man convinced several investors to fund a revolutionary medical device, to the tune of over $25 milli

Candy Crush vs. Words with Friends: Wall Street's choice is clear

 Wall Street has a clear favorite between Candy Crush Saga and Words with Friends.

40 reasons why 'Saturday Night Live' is still awesome at 40

 On October 11, 1975, "Saturday Night Live" was first beamed into living rooms.

7 online dating services you won't believe actually exist

OkCupid and Tinder are on the tip of every single's tongues. But those are just the tip of the iceberg.

'50 Shades of Grey' seeks box office love

 "50 Shades of Grey" is looking for love at the box office this Valentine's Day, and so far the romance

More than $27K raised for heroic dog hurt in Ohio house fire

 Fans of a heroic dog who fought in vain to save her owner's life in an Ohio house fire have donated more than $2

'The Breakfast Club' to return to theaters for 30th anniversary showing

 We really haven't forgotten about them.

Soul mate stories: She gave him a kidney, he gave her his heart

      Ashley McIntyre had no idea who Danny Robinson was when she heard he was searching for a kidney.

Is this the world's most expensive chocolate?

 In the pantheon of fine chocolates, there's the gourmet boxes, the handmade bonbons and now there's a $260 h

Moody's: Louisiana's outlook changed from stable to negative

With a looming budget crisis, Moody's Investor Service has downgraded Louisiana's outlook from Stable to Negative.