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FL man mistakes suicide for April Fool’s prank

A St. Petersburg, Florida man who thought someone was playing an April Fool's Day prank on him accidentally threw away a dead woman's body into a dumpster, thinking she was a mannequin.

3-year-old expelled for saying curse word at TX daycare

3-year-old Arianna of San Antonio, Texas is like most little girls she loves to play and everyday is a new adventure.

Wendy’s customers help contribute to St. Jude

You're generosity while dining at Wendy's is helping to save the lives of many children. Today the Wendy's franchise Diamond Foods presented a check to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital for more than $31,000.

Obama & Democrats want to push wage hike through, but Republicans resist

The effort to raise the minimum wage is on a roll in Washington again - literally. The "Give America a Raise" bus rolls up to a divided Congress this afternoon.

Army Specialist shoots fellow soldiers before taking his own life

Federal agents and army investigators are searching for answers after a soldier opened fire at Fort Hood Wednesday, killing three and injuring 16 before turning his gun on himself.

Tens of thousands raised for homeless mom accused of leaving kids in hot car during job interview

It's hard to see Shanesha Taylor's mugshot and not have some kind of reaction. "She's crying in this picture," says Amanda Bishop. "How can you not want to help her."

Seattle man complains that someone keeps mailing him marijuana

Seattle (KCPQ) -- Police said a man who lives in Seattle's Mount Baker neighborhood walked into the East Precinct and told a desk clerk that someone keeps mailing him packages of marijuana — and he wants it to stop.

FL man stages burglary to avoid going in for work

A Florida man is accused of staging a burglary so he could avoid going to work.

TX: stepmother of malnourished boy in closet speaks out

A woman in Texas charged with felony child abuse against her five-year-old stepson is speaking out, telling her side of the story.

Officials confirm at least 28 killed in WA mudslide

In a normal week, the Weller Funeral Home in Arlington, Wash., might prepare for two or three funerals.

New GM CEO testifies in front of Senate Subcommittee

This morning Mary Barra testifies again before the Senate Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Product Safety. It's likely to be another contentious hearing.

Rich man, I am: CA Yoda fan wins $425M Powerball prize

  You and I got pranked on April Fools' Day. B. Raymond Buxton got paid.

Are mammograms worth the risk?

Each year thousands of women find themselves undergoing a mammogram, hoping a few moments of discomfort will help them avoid breast cancer.