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VIDEO: Debunking myths about cardio workouts

You may be exercising, but are you exercising effectively? Many people are not getting the most from their workout.

CNN Reporter: 'I bought pot and it was weird'

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- I've never felt so anxious doing something legal. In fact, I was so nervous that I ended up spending way too much money and bought a lot more weed than I wanted.

Many Americans not happy with Obama's economy

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Americans are deeply dissatisfied with President Obama's economy. According to CNN midterm election exit polling, seven in 10 voters said they were concerned about economic conditions.

'End of the world trade' now causes gold, silver decline

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- That pot of gold at the end of the rainbow just got a lot less valuable.

Diamonds may not be every girl's bestfriend

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Maybe a diamond isn't every girl's best friend.

New toy lets babies post selfies on social media

(CNN) -- "Little Bob says hi!" "Bob sneezes! So cute!" "Bob's first ice--cream!"

6 of America's most romantic small towns

(CNN) -- For an otherwise entertaining movie, "Gone Girl" had kind of a downer message.

Obama invites Congressional leaders to White House after big GOP victories

President Obama met with Republican and Democratic Congressional leaders at the White House Friday, facing the new reality of the GOP's Tuesday election victories putting that party in control of Congress.

TX football player excels despite having one hand, no feet

Ethan Monsey is only in the 7th grade but he's been turning heads and overcoming odds his entire life. Born with only one hand and no feet, Ethan has always loved sports and never let his body stop him from playing.

America's most expensive home now for sale in CA, listed at $195M

A massive Beverly Hills, Calif., estate with its own entertainment complex, 27-car garage and vineyard has hit the market with a record breaking listing price of $195 million.

Obama sends 1,500 U.S. troops to Iraq

President Barack Obama is sending up 1,500 more soldiers to Iraq to train Iraqi and Kurdish forces to fight ISIS, in a deployment that would bring the total number of American troops there to 2,900.

'Fast casual' restaurants are rapidly replacing fast food

Fast food has dominated dining out for decades, but fast casual restaurants are changing the landscape.

Musicians celebrate 200th birthday of Mr. Sax who invented saxophone

There is no Mister Flute or Mister trumpet, but there is a Mister Sax. Adolphe Sax was born in Belgium on November 6th, 200 years ago.

Colorado man's dog lost 8 years ago turns up in Atlanta

Mike Nuanes' jaw dropped when a voice on the end of the phone call said, "We've got a dog here that's yours."

Obama to meet with Republicans but it's still unclear if they can work together

Today President Obama meets face-to-face with Republicans now in charge of Congress. It could be tense this afternoon.