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It pays to work for the White House: Salaries at a glance

By Jennifer Liberto WASHINGTON (CNNMoney) -- It pays well to work at the White House -- better than the average American worker.

Truck of the future aims to drive itself

By Ben Brumfield- CNN (CNN) -- Tractor-trailer drivers, if you text while driving in the middle of the freeway, then the future may belong to you. If you can afford a Mercedes truck, that is.

Forget selfies -- make way for 'dronies'

By Doug Gross-CNN (CNN) -- Forget selfies. Those are so 2013.

Have you had the 'sext' talk with your kids?

By Geetha Parachuru, Special to CNN

Employers value skills over college degrees, workers say

By Les Christie NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Forget about your GPA or paying for that graduate degree. What employers really care about are the skills you bring to the table.

Childhood vaccines are safe

By Jen Christensen and Nadia Kounang- CNN (CNN) -- Children should get vaccinated against preventable and potentially deadly diseases. Period.

TX Police say man was arrested after 'tree worshipping'

KILGORE, TEXAS (KETK) — A man was arrested overnight after he began acting strange and worshipping forestry in Kilgore.

GA Sheriff: Drunk man says dog drove him to the store

By Stephanie Minor Oconee County, GA (WGCL) -- A man was arrested in Oconee County Wednesday after he claimed his dog drove him to the store.

2 men break into metro Atlanta store, try to leave with ATM

By Rodney Harris McDonough, GA (WGCL) -- Two men used a truck to crash into a metro Atlanta store and attempted to pick up and carry out an ATM.

FL woman reportedly makes millions in stolen baby formula scheme

Florida investigators have accused three women of stealing baby formula then selling it for profits in the millions.

Foster Farms recalls dozens of chicken products due to potential salmonella

Dozens of Foster Farms chicken products have been recalled because of a salmonella contamination.

U.S. Military members become U.S. citizens on July 4

By Kevin Liptak- CNN WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Barack Obama hopes to put a human face on the heated political debate over immigration on Friday when he oversees a naturalization ceremony for members of the military.

What makes me so tasty? 5 myths about mosquito bites

By Sara Cheshire- Special to CNN