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Researchers say Snapchat offers false privacy promises

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- The photo-sharing app Snapchat offers a false sense of privacy by promising it will erase photos.

Katy Perry could be Super Bowl's main act

(CNN) -- Katy Perry is football's newest favorite pop star.

WA man burglarize homes, demands McDonalds,

Roy, WA (KCPQ) -- A man allegedly on a week-long acid trip faces robbery and burglary charges for breaking into homes in the Roy area, stealing weapons and making odd demands such as food and rides for a drink, the Pierce Count

MI homeless man poses as paramedic, scams old lady

Grand Rapids, MI (WXMI) -- Mary Rademacher helped police catch a homeless man who allegedly moved into her aunt's apartment at an independent living facility and stole from her.

Virginia mom says classroom tool caused son's seizures

New Kent County, VA (WTVR) -- A New Kent County mother says the electronic whiteboard in her child's classroom is giving her son seizures.

Texas vet clinic uses indoor pool to rehab pets

Lewisville, TX (KDAF) -- We all get aches and pains every once in a while, and our four legged friends get them, too.

Parents learn to cope with their sons' condition

(CNN) -- We found out I was pregnant in August 2012. It was time to start our family, time to start the next chapter of our lives. The next months were going to be the best time in our lives.

Diamond cables could be breakthrough to space travel

(CNN) -- Want to ride an elevator into space? While the idea has been around for more than 100 years, a breakthrough in nanotechnology could mean we will be riding into space on a cable made of diamonds.

Do you know where your history is derived from?

(CNN) -- "This is the house?" my mom asks, turning around. "Yes," says our guide. "This is where your grandmother was born."

Married father becomes regular sperm donor

(CNN) -- As more and more couples seek medical help to have children, there's a high demand for sperm donors.

New fundraising project could monetize social projects, charities on facebook

(CNN) -- You've heard of crowdfunding -- raising funds through donations on the internet -- well, get ready for "like" funding.

ADD diagnosis might not be so bad after all

(CNN) -- It's widely known that Asian cultures put a high level of importance on intelligence. In many Asian families, parents expect their kids to perform well in school and eventually go on to university.

Thrilling motor sport ready to steal spotlight

(CNN) -- Look out NASCAR, one of the world's fastest motor sports wants to steal your fans.

Mugshot of #1 Patriots fan goes viral

A photo of a recently arrested suspect, and apparently, number one New England Patriots superfan has gone viral.

Couple sues state of Tennessee over baby's name

A Brentwood couple is suing the state of Tennessee for the right to choose the surname for their newborn son.