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Good Samaritans rescue elderly woman trapped in sinking car

A 92-year-old Florida man is alive after he was rescued by two men who jumped in the water to save him. Port St. Lucie police say the elderly man's car drove into a pond Wednesday afternoon.

CIA torture report a best seller on Amazon

The best selling spy book on isn't some thriller from Tom Clancy or Ian Flemming. It's an electronic edition of the Senate's report on the CIA's brutal interrogation program, the so-called torture report.

Report: Non-student females face more sexual assault than students

Women not enrolled in college faced more cases of rape and sexual assault than those on campus for the period of 1995-2013, a new Department of Justice report shows.

Mother of Mississippi teen burned alive speaks out

The mother of 19-year-old Jessica Chambers hasn't been able to shut her eyes at night. The thoughts of her daughter burning alive are too much to bear.

Congress has until midnight to agree on budget or face shutdown

As of this morning, Congress has less than 24 hours to avoid a government shutdown, but the deal on the table isn't sitting well with some lawmakers.

Walgreens pulls Hanukkah wrapping paper containing swastikas from shelves

A California woman was shocked to find what appeared to be swastikas on Hanukkah wrapping paper. Cheryl Shapiro says she was shopping at a Walgreens in Northridge, CA, when she spotted the symbol on the holiday paper.

Burned Mississippi teen's phone 'key' to finding killer, prosecutor says

Mystery surrounds the fiery weekend death of Jessica Chambers, but the Mississippi teen may have given firefighters a clue in her killing, a prosecutor said Wednesday.

NFL toughens policy addressing assault and domestic violence

NFL teams have unanimously endorsed a new personal conduct policy for all NFL employees after discussions that included experts on domestic violence and sexual assault, the league announced Wednesday.

Man found alive after missing for 12 days off Hawaiian coast

Twelve days after he made a distress call from his sailboat and dropped off the map, Ron Ingraham suddenly surfaced with a distress call. It was picked up by the Coast Guard at 7:55 Tuesday morning.

SUV crashes into garage through the roof

"With a bang," George Strother told reporters when asked how his morning started.

Texas woman looks for justice after teen sister burned alive

Amanda Prince, a local Fort Bliss Army wife, says her relationship with her little sister Jessica Chambers was a typical one.

Registered sex offender wins Florida lottery

A convicted sex predator who served 3 years in prison for a crime involving a young child is now a multi-millionaire.

Texas high school cancels classes for football playoff game

Classes are canceled Friday at one southeast Texas high school thanks to the success of the school's football team. Crosby High School's team earned a spot in the semi-state playoff game.

Santa brings toddler's dad home for Christmas

Year after year, one by one, children climb into Santa's lap and ask for gifts and sometimes miracles. The scene was no different Sunday afternoon at the Bass Pro Shop in St. Charles, Missouri.

Former CIA officials say extreme techniques are not torture

There's more fallout this morning from the release of a Senate report detailing extreme techniques used on terror suspects after 9-11. Many are appalled, but former CIA officials insist it's not torture.