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Oklahoma police officer replaces boy's stolen bike

What boy doesn't love his bike? For J.J. Weaver of Purcell, Oklahoma it's right up there with dogs and dirt.

Russia plans long-range bomber flights over Gulf of Mexico

Russia plans to send long-range bombers to patrol the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, the nation's defense minister said, in what may be Moscow's latest provocative maneuver.

Why the Keystone XL Pipeline is stealing the show

In Washington this morning, Congress is back with a ton of stuff to deal with before the end of the year: ISIS, Ebola, immigration, nominees, and the budget.

Landrieu pushes for Keystone pipeline vote

Senator Mary Landrieu is pushing leaders in both parties to vote by Thursday to approve the Keystone XL pipeline

GPS error sends truck driver down Milwaukee bike path

A semi-truck driver says a GPS error got him stuck near Milwaukee's North Point Lighthouse in Lake Park Tuesday.

Pregnant panhandler spotted driving away in Mercedes Benz

A woman in San Diego says she saw a pregnant woman begging for money later drive off in a Mercedes Benz, and she's got photos of the woman in action. So what gives?

2 workers rescued from dangling scaffold at New York City's World Trade Center

New York emergency crews rescued two workers who were trapped in a window-washing scaffold dangling perilously at the 69th floor of the 1,776-foot One World Trade Center building in lower Manhattan, authorities said Wednesday.

Detroit man turns scrap from crumbling buildings into guitars

Mark Wallace started out in real estate in Detroit.

Thieves sell stolen gas back to gas stations in ‘pump and dump’ scheme

LILBURN, Georgia (CNN) -- A man in a white shirt was pumping gas into an ordinary-looking white van. But he was no ordinary customer.

Lava flow from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano consumes its first home

As the first house claimed by Hawaii's Puna lava flow came collapsing down Tuesday, so did the peace and quiet residents living downslope have experienced since the leading edge stalled on October 30.

Congress gets back to work, and they have a lot on the agenda

In Washington, Congress gets back to work today - They've got to deal with - ISIS, Ebola, a new Attorney General, and the budget.

911 caller makes sexual remarks to dispatcher, gets arrested in GA

A man is in jail after he was arrested for making inappropriate comments to a 911 dispatcher.

Ceremonies honor veterans across the U.S.

Vice President Joe Biden laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns Tuesday as Veterans Day celebrations took place in Washington, DC and across the nation.

Service dog helps wheelchair-bound MI teacher in the classroom

It's fourth period and sophomore Rachel Kempf is at Saginaw, Michigan's Heritage High School to learn French. "It's a really nice class," says Kempf.

Last U.S. Ebola patient leaves NYC hospital after overcoming virus

The United States is now Ebola-free. Dr. Craig Spencer, the last patient being treated for Ebola in the United States, was released from Bellevue Hospital in New York City Tuesday morning.