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CDC: this year's flu vaccine is only 23% effective

The flu seems to be everywhere this year, and since the vaccine is largely a mismatch to the viral strain that's circulating, experts are encouraging doctors to turn to prescription drugs to help ease flu symptoms for those who inevitably g

Utah AG takes down child sex trafficking ring in secret trip to Colombia

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes quietly made a trip to Colombia to participate in the takedown of a child sex trafficking operation.

New U.S.-Cuba rules go in effect tomorrow

The Obama administration has announced new rules, dramatically rolling back the half-century old trade embargo against Cuba. Much more trade and travel will be possible.

Handcuffed woman steals cop car, takes police on 100 mph chase

Pennsylvania investigators say a woman who was detained on shoplifting suspicions somehow managed to climb through a police cruiser's glass partition, and speed away while remaining handcuffed.

Florida toddler dies after escaping crib and walking into street

A toddler is dead after climbing out of his crib, leaving his home and wandering onto a Florida highway.

Alabama company agrees to remove ‘White Genocide’ billboard

A racially charged billboard along Alabama's Interstate 59 has been taken down. The controversial sign came down Wednesday after being posted along the southbound lanes on I-59 in Springville on Friday.

Ohio man accused of plotting attack on U.S. Capitol

Authorities have arrested an Ohio man they say was planning to set off pipe bombs in the U.S. Capitol, then shoot people as they fled.

2 gunmen caught on surveillance robbing Michigan nail salon

Masked gunmen staged a brazen day-time robbery at a busy Detroit beauty salon last week. Now, police hope someone can help identify the suspects caught on a terrifying surveillance tape.

Lion tries to play with child at El Paso zoo

One adorable encounter between an El Paso Zoo lion and a tiny tot is getting a lot of national attention.

Study: smartphone users have separation anxiety

If you can't get to your smartphone when it rings or buzzes, does your heart race? Does your brain get a little fuzzy?

10 dead after Texas prison bus collides with train

Officials with the Texas Department of Transportation confirm that they are are the scene of a multiple fatality crash involving a Texas Department of Criminal Justice transport bus on I-20 in Ector County near Penwell, Texas around 7:30 a.m.

Woman throws raw meat at police, says I'm here to 'feed the pigs'

A Massachusetts woman is accused of throwing raw bacon and sausage at a police station on Friday, saying she was there to "feed the pigs".

Arkansas gun range bans Muslims, Hindus

An Arkansas gun range owner is defending her decision to ban Muslims from her business. Jan Morgan, the owner of "The Gun Cave Indoor Firing Range" in Hot Springs, says she made the decision in the name of safety.

Gas is less than $2 at most U.S. stations

Gas for less than $2 a gallon is now available at most U.S. gas stations.

NASA: leak on ISS appears to be false alarm

U.S. astronauts scrambled into oxygen masks and staged a partial evacuation after an alarm sounded this morning on the International Space Station.