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Darth Vader, Mickey Mouse join forces on cruise

In a galaxy far, far away ... in the Western Caribbean, actually, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Boba Fett and stormtroopers party with Disney Cruisers around the pool deck. No, it's not a fantasy.

The Apple car: What we know

Apple hasn't admitted publicly that it wants to get into the auto industry. But there's plenty of evidence out there.

The art of handling a backhanded compliment

Halfway through a recent first date, my latest Tinder suitor --- let's call him Heath --- interrupted the conversation, apologizing.

How a profoundly disabled boy became a running champ

Twelve years ago, Rachel Miller was lost when it came to her son John. The 7-year-old was profoundly disabled because of his autism. Unable to speak, he withdrew from people at school and, worse, from his family.

800,000 receive wrong Obamacare tax info

Bowing to pressure, the Obama administration is extending Obamacare enrollment for those who learn they owe a penalty for being uninsured in 2014.

Man plans to bike from California to Brazil for Olympics

Chen Guan Ming is known as the Olympic Rickshaw Rider. He is from Tong Shang in China and in 2010 he decided to make the trip of a lifetime to spread the Olympic spirit.

U.S. military announces plan to retake ISIS held city of Mosul, Iraq

A newly revealed U.S. plan to retake Mosul, the biggest city held by ISIS, is sparking controversy and prompting questions.

Severed animal heads found in bags at 3 California parks

Animal Control officers in Sacramento, California are investigating six cases of mutilated animals, including a cow, that were found at three city parks.

Michigan girl uses shotgun to thwart burglars

11-year old Reese typically doesn't have too much going on when she gets home from school. "Just sitting here watching TV," she says from the living room of her rural North Branch Township, Michigan home.

Seattle's Metro Transit looking to hire bathroom czar

Still trying to solve the bathroom problem for its drivers, Seattle's Metro Transit is looking for a "comfort station coordinator."

Natural fountain forms beautiful 'ice volcano' in upstate New York

It's so cold in Western New York that the fountain at Letchworth State Park is frozen.

New federal dietary guidelines address cholesterol, sugars & salt

Order the eggs, but hold the bacon.

Former NYC Mayor Giuliani under fire for comments about Obama

The three-day White House summit on violent extremism is over this morning, but critics are still buzzing about what President Obama said - and did not say.

Sen. Cassidy Senator Cassidy introduces the Veteran EMT Support Act

There’s no way to sugar-coat it. All over the nation, there is a growing need for more certified emergency medical technicians.

Would-be robber cries for 'momma' after being pepper sprayed

An ax-wielding Oklahoma City teen is behind bars following an unusual attempted robbery. The young suspect was left begging for his mommy when a determined store clerk fought him off with a can of mace.